In Our Backyard

So I haven’t really shown you guys pictures of the backyard of this house, and it is one of my favorite features of the house! Although moving into a house with a pool in December is torture… especially when we haven’t had weather above 35 degrees until this week.  So every morning I sit and look out our back windows and think about how nice that pool will be to dip into when the Texas temps inevitably hover above 100 in late summer.

But since we have had a day or two now where it hasn’t been raining and standing outside for more than 5 minutes doesn’t feel insane, I finally went out and snapped a few photos for you guys.


We obviously haven’t set up our hammock yet, and we are in serious need of some quality outdoor furniture, but as I mentioned in this post, that is the gift my parents gave us for Christmas, so when it warms up a bit we will be purchasing a grown up table, chairs, umbrella and two lounge chairs for sitting poolside.

The picnic table you see just at the edge of the bottom of the picture below was one of the first projects the husband and I ever built.  And you can tell.  We didn’t know quite as much as we know now about securing things down, and some of the top boards come off when it is lifted, so it needs some rescue work if we are going to keep it… which we are still undecided on.  But the movers basically wrapped it all in saran wrap (the moving version) and moved it over here, so for now we’ve left that on there until we decide what we are going to do with it.  


This space is already pretty well landscaped and taken care of, so our long term plans other than adding furniture are minimal.  We do plan on adding some better lighting out there (there is one VERY weak light), getting the already wired up sound system working (apparently we need another receiver or thingamajig or something), and maybe long term staining the fence.  The fence is in pretty good shape, just looks a little rough.

As far as the plants, you know I love flowers, so I’ll be adding a few flowers around to add in some color, but mostly I’ll be waiting to see how everything looks in the spring and going from there.

Oh and as far as pool maintenance? We’ve hired someone! And in one week of coming the pool is already clearer and cleaner, so well worth it in my book.  Plus Reese and I will be navigating learning how to take care of a newborn right around the peak time for pool care, so we decided having someone else responsible for this at least for the first year was worth being able to just jump right in when we are ready.

Now I am just watching the months tick by until I can dip my toes in the water!