Week 33 Bump Recap

Week 33 is complete which means we have officially moved into the stage where even if baby girl is born today she will likely have no long term effects from being born early.  Which is sort of surreal since it means we are getting much closer to when she is fully cooked and ready to come out and meet us!! We have 6 weeks left! 6 weeks! That’s not very long!!!

Fortunately the finishing touches are going into the nursery, she has clothes that are washed and dried and put away, diapers awaiting her arrival, and a car seat to come home in… which in my book counts as close enough to ready! I still have a few things I want to accomplish before she gets here–like sewing a few onesies and fun things, cleaning out the freezer and then filling it up with some meals for later, and doing a little extra organization around the house, but those are things that if they happen are wonderful, but if they don’t… we will survive!

So without further ado, this weeks Bump Recap:



Baby’s Size: As you can tell by my ever expanding belly and the strain it is putting on my shirts, baby girl is growing just fine! She is about 4.5 lbs right now according to the books. The app says she is about the size of a cantaloupe, but in my world cantaloupes are smaller than pineapples which is what it told me last week… so lets just go with large fruit sized, and although it might feel like I swallowed a watermelon she isn’t THAT big yet.

Baby’s Progress: Apparently her fingernails are fully grown… and since cutting baby fingernails terrifies me, that is a scary progress statistic! Other than that, her skin is becoming less translucent and her body organs are getting stronger!

Weight Gain: I gained about a pound last week… so all together I’m about 15 lbs up from where I started.  On the how I feel scale… I feel like I have gained about 50 lbs and someone filled my legs with sand. But the scale doesn’t exactly back that up.

Sleep: Sleep is mostly fine, I definitely get up a few times a night, and when I roll over sometimes I stretch the ligament at the base of the belly which is extremely painful.  The first time it happened I kind of freaked out because it was so sharp a pain, but it happened close to a doctor appointment and I asked her and she said that is fairly normal.  It really is amazing to me what counts as ‘normal’ during pregnancy!

Milestones: I am finished travelling until after the baby comes.  I survived a week of travel around Nebraska (which had me super nervous that something would happen and I would have to be put on bed rest so far from home, but fortunately it all went very smoothly).  I did fly to Nebraska and back and the flight attendant definitely gave me a wary look when I got on the plane… you could tell she was thinking: PLEASE don’t have any issues on this flight.  Since I was thinking pretty much the same thing, I didn’t fault her for that thought process!!

Favorite clothing item of the week: I wore my work polo for the vast majority of this week since we were having our open houses at each store location, and they fortunately still fit… definitely with a tank top underneath, but they fit and didn’t look too tight, so i’m not sure that counts as a favorite, but I’m grateful they still fit!

Symptoms: I waddle. A LOT. And I feel like someone filled my legs with sand which means if I stand for too long I get really tired. Breathing is also pretty difficult, but they say that will improve when she shifts down a bit.

Workout: My hotel room was on the 3rd floor and I walked the stairs most of the time last week.  That felt like enough of a workout.

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Updated Master To Do List

So a while ago I shared with you all my Master To Do List for this house.  And then my mom called to tell me she needed a nap just from reading the exhausting list! But about 3 1/2 months later, and we can actually check a whole bunch of things off this list! (Mostly that is due to hiring a house painter to do all the house painting–best decision ever).  But I thought it was high time to give you guys an update on where we stand in this house… especially since I’m starting to feel like this home is truly us! It is always amazing to me how long it takes to feel settled in a new place.  So without further ado… an update.


Living Room:

  • Hang photos
  • Do something decorative with the mantle- I hung a picture, but so far I’m still fairly uninspired
  • Paint
  • Hang Curtains- I bought curtains… but haven’t hung them since I haven’t found a long curtain rod that will fit our space yet!
  • Wire up the house wide surround sound- this is on the back burner since I think it will take about 1,000 to buy another piece of equipment to do it right, and we just don’t need a house wide sound system that badly


Dining Room (Lexie decided she needed to be in all my pictures!)

  • New Rug
  • Hang Photos
  • Paint
  • Remove MASSIVE mirror- the mirror is actually growing on me… so until I get some inspiration on what to do instead, it stays
  • Replace the flooring (see below in Kitchen for details)
  • Replace that light fixture.  I don’t love the yellow and brown light fixture, so I’m on a hunt to replace it with something a little more us–but so far all the ones I fall in love with are outrageously expensive, so until we find something more in our budget… it remains






  • Paint- its been an ongoing debate in our house about whether to leave the red of replace it, but I think we’ve settled on changing it out for something more neutral/soothing
  • Paint the island-the two tone thing isn’t really my style
  • Get barstools of some kind
  • Put in double ovens (forever on my to do list; somehow never at the top of what to spend our money on…)
  • Replace the kitchen sink: it is very small and has chipped down to the metal, so eventually this will get swapped out for something more useful
  • Replace the light fixture over the table  I never posted about this, but the husband and I loved our new light fixture in the last house, so when we went to list our house, we swapped it out with something we weren’t as attached to so that we could bring it to the new house, and I still love it!
  • Replace the wood floors


outdoorfurniture1 Backyard:

guestroom1 Downstairs guest room-

  • Paint
  • Hang curtains that aren’t bizarrely short
  • Put in new shelving in the closet
  • Hang Photos
  • Swap out desks


masterbedroom2 Master Bedroom:

  • Find matching nightstands
  • Hang pictures
  • Seating area in front of window


masterbath1 Master Bathroom

  • Repair shower and bathtub faucet
  • Replace knobs
  • Paint trim white– our painter actually added this to his list for DIRT cheap… so I am so grateful to not be painting over that brown paint on my own!
  • Paint Cabinets
  • New Curtains- so far I haven’t missed having curtains in here, so this falls pretty far down the list!
  • Organize Closets  they aren’t SUPER organized… and nothing like our old Elfa closet but they are working for us, so I’ll count this as done
  • Storage Cabinet over toilet

DIY Box Valance | www.amusingmj.com



  • Unpack the boxes
  • Baby Furniture
  • Paint
  • Decorate- I still need to hang things on the walls, but this room is getting dangerously close to being done!
  • Put a new top on the bookshelf that will be wide enough for a changing table
  • Curtains


bonusroom4 Bonus Room:

  • Paint
  • Add Bookshelf
  • Hang Pictures
  • Hang Curtains


office2 Office/Craft Room–This is probably our most unfinished and unposted about room on the blog.  Eventually I’ll get to it…

  • Finish Unpacking
  • Build a craft desk/make craft closet more useable
  • Paint?
  • Hang Pictures
  • Swap desk
  • Organize Desk

upguestbath1 Upstairs Bath- This will be the baby’s bathroom, so I imagine it’ll be overcome with bath toys in the very near future

  • Paint

downstairsbath2 Downstairs Bath


  • Turn coat closet into a ‘drop zone’
  • Unpack/organize garage
  • Power wash front driveway- turns out we don’t have a faucet out front… making this a lot trickier!
  • Spruce up the front curb appeal

And I’m adding to the list:


  • Build a workbench
  • Park a Car in the garage
  • Figure out wood storage
  • clean off shelves
  • Hang Bikes
  • Epoxy the Floor

Attic Space:

  • Figure out some sort of organization
  • Unpack the final boxes

Week 32 Bump Recap

Yeah, I meant to have a few more project updates last week for you guys, but life got a little busy and I didn’t get them finished and posted.  But I do have another pregnancy update for you!

I’m at the end of my 32nd week now, and so I’m really starting to feel how close I am to the end of this pregnancy and getting to meet Baby Girl! The nursery is mostly finished, just need to hang the last of her pictures, the sheets and some clothes are washed and ready for her so we are pretty much physically ready! Now we just have to get there mentally! (just kidding… mostly) I have a little bit more travel for work in the next week, so I’m hoping for the next weeks to be uneventful and the travel to go smoothly!

week32 Baby’s Size: Baby girl is the size of a pineapple, the doctor says she is right on track so around 4lbs this week.

Baby’s Progress: Nothing much has changed in baby girls progress over the last week, except that I can tell she is getting bigger and starting to run out of space.  Her movements are less rolling around like they have been the last few weeks and more localized and intense! But I do get to feel her move all the time, which is still really fun, and  Reese has gotten to feel her quite a bit too!

Weight Gain: I gained about a half pound last week… so all together I’m about 14 lbs up from where I started and I have 7 weeks to go.

Sleep: I have been having pretty crazy dreams this week and getting up pretty regularly to go to the bathroom… so my sleeping isn’t always so great, but I can still fall asleep and don’t have a problem going back to sleep if I wake up, so I think it could be worse!

Milestones: Reese and I had a whole weekend of pretty much nothing on the schedule, so we were lazy, went out to dinner and breakfast and just generally spent time together.  Rumor has it that will be harder with an infant, so we are trying to soak up the us time before it becomes more scarce!

Favorite clothing item of the week: I’m not sure it counts as a favorite, but one of my favorite tunics from pre-pregnancy still fits and looks cute! I’m not sure its a good sign that I’m so huge and some of my pre-pregnancy things fit so well, but since it means I have a better wardrobe without buying so much pregnancy wear!

Symptoms: Oooh, breathing is harder, walking is harder and all of a sudden I feel kind of huge! I told my husband this week that I feel like the stay puff marshmellow man.  But since I’ve escaped some of the worst of the 3rd trimester symptoms, I’m going to be grateful and not complain.

Workout: Due to massive amounts of rain and generally feeling like I can’t breathe most of the time… workouts haven’t really been happening at all.

PS. If you missed any of the updates, you can check them all out here.