Ben’s Nursery

While I’m trying to get myself all revved up to work on baby girl’s nursery (is it just me or is it harder to get motivated when it is an arctic tundra outside???)  a friend sent me a few photos of her little boy’s adorable nursery, so I thought I would share! Plus I think baby boy’s rooms are hard to decorate for, and I loved her style! Her baby is due here in just a few weeks, and she has done such a great job decorating with a nautical theme!


I think this is the perfect example of a themed room.  It is cute and coordinating without being over the top!


Baby Ben is one lucky little guy!


I think my favorite part is the fabric pendant over his crib… what’s yours?

Thanks Sarah for sharing!!


Bump Update: Week 22

This is going to be a very anticlimactic post! It has been another week… and nothing has happened! We were iced in most of the weekend, and other than crashing our neighbors (thanks friends!) house for food, we accomplished a whole lot of nothing! (and sorry for the darker than normal pic… we didn’t get one snapped in the 2 minutes of sunshine we had all weekend… so its dark and gloomy)

week22Baby’s Size: She weighs about the same as a large mango (a little over a pound)

Baby’s Progress: Baby girl now has a fully developed sense of movement–which should explain why she kicks mostly when I am laying down and super comfy… apparently the rest of the time I just rock her to sleep! Her inner cochlea is fully formed now so her hearing is even better–Reese has been playing lots of guitar for her. And her lungs are continuing to develop which I am sure we will come to fully enjoy here in just a few months!

Weight Gain: This week I gained about 1 lb, so I am up approximately 4 lbs from where I started.  I had a doctor appointment this week and she seemed pleased with where I am.  She even complimented my gradual weight gain.  She obviously doesn’t know about my nightly bluebell ice cream with chocolate chip routine.

Sleep: I keep waking up having rolled over to my back, which my doc says is a no no, so I’m still training myself to sleep on my side constantly, but other than that… I’m not having any issues.

Milestones: We did start our registry this weekend, but it has a ways to go before it is what I would deem finished.  But can we just talk for a second about the stroller section at Buy Buy Baby? I feel like an intelligent human on most days and that area of the store made me want to curl up in the fetal position. Seriously…

Favorite clothing item of the week: Pajama pants.  The ice storm that came through Dallas meant I didn’t leave the house from noon on Friday until we walked next door for dinner; which means I got to lounge around in my PJs all day.  This was all a very welcome change from having worked pretty constantly from Saturday-Tuesday the week before.

Symptoms: Really I haven’t had any this week! I’m gloriously feeling her kick regularly which is super comforting for a worry wart like me, and I don’t have any complaints about this phase of the pregnancy.

Workout: does shoveling ice cream in my mouth count? Let’s be honest… it’s too cold to workout. I’m ready for summer. And yes… I am fully aware I will eat those words at the end of June when I am 9 months pregnant and we are having 100+ degree days.  But I’m willing to be hypocritical about this.

Pregnancy Week 21 Recap

Alright, so I took the picture a day early and am posting a day late… which pretty accurately describes how this week went! For work I had to travel the first part of this week to New Orleans for a convention.  And let me tell you… NOLA the week after Mardi Gras is not the most ideal place for a pregnant woman.  Let’s just say I’m ready for my sense of smell to return to normal.  Plus this convention requires a lot of walking! My coworker who was wearing a pedometer (and who I spent most of the days with ) got 15,000+ steps every day.  So I am a bit exhausted and ready to put my feet up and do NOTHING for a few days.  But enough excuses for why I am late with the post… Here you go!



Baby’s Size: a Spaghetti Squash- and she weighs approximately 1lb.  But apparently from here on out she ramps up the growth, so she should be gaining a 6 ounces in the next week!

Baby’s Progress: Baby girl is still kicking and moving around quite a bit, but of course stops any time I try to get Reese to feel her move, so he is definitely wishing he could feel her move more! Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are growing more distinct and she is starting to grow tooth buds!

Weight Gain: About 1/2 a lb, which puts me up about 3 lbs from where I started.

Sleep: Not sure if it was the guy playing saxophone loudly outside my hotel (I was on floor 25 and could still hear him) or the pregnancy… but I’ve had better nights of sleep.  Although last night in my own bed I slept like a rockstar.  So I’m grateful for a few good nights of sleep!

Milestones: I can’t really think of any milestones for this week… except for maybe that baby girl got a taste of Creole food?

Favorite clothing item of the week: Pregnancy tank tops! I bought a couple of them at Target and they definitely saved me this week when I had to wear my work polo and it was just a bit shorter in front that in should have been… tank tops to the rescue!

Symptoms: OOOOOH after walking so much my feet and my back were aching for certain! I could definitely feel the exhaustion faster! But I successfully finished the convention and other than taking it easy for the next few days, I’m no worse for the wear!

Workout: Walking, Walking, More Walking.


Bonus Story: On my flight to New Orleans I was on Southwest Airlines, so of course it is open seating.  Well I hadn’t remembered to check in early enough so was pretty far down in the C-lineup to get to pick a seat.  So as I’m getting on the plane I see an open window seat and bonus a spot above it for a roller bag.  So I ask the woman and her 10 year old son if someone was sitting there, and they assured me that no, no one was.  So I put my bag up above and the woman gets up from her seat.  The 10 year old doesn’t move.  I sit and look at him for another second, but the line behind me is growing and it is clear that he wasn’t going to move.  So me, my big ol’ belly and my computer bag have to climb over the 10 year old to get into my seat. Let me tell you, I was the definition of graceful. (That was sarcasm for those of you who struggle to identify it) And I was definitely sweating as I fell into my seat. Maybe one day that kid will learn that it is less unpleasant to get up out of your seat than to have a pregnant woman crawl over you complete with heavy computer bag.