Months 2, 3, 4, 5?

Well… I had in my head that I was 2 months behind on Emily Grace posts, but it turns out… I have done one total, and she is 5 months old.  Poor second child.  Emily Grace, this does not mean we love you any less.  It just means life is C-RAZY.  So here’s a quick update, 4 months later.


Emily is fantastic. Emily has been sleeping through the night for months now, which definitely makes the husband and I feel much more like real humans. She is a very chill, relaxed child, who loves to chatter at whoever will listen.  She loves to smile at you, and she has the cutest most kissable cheeks.  But, you know, I might (maybe just maybe) be biased.


Taylor is OBSESSED.  I expected (especially since we were smack dab in the middle of the “MINE” phase when Emily Grace was born, that we would have some jealousy issues and resentment.  I’ve heard many a funny story about older siblings wanting to ‘return’ their younger siblings.  And so far, there have been none.  In fact, quite humorously, if you tell Taylor that she is my Emily Grace, Taylor will respond with an emphatic… “NO, MY Emily Grace”.  And speaking of the Emily Grace instead of Emily, we fluctuate back and forth, but Taylor is the one who started calling her Emily Grace with regularity.  Apparently any time a child cried at school, Taylor would perk up and say “Oh, Emily Grace is crying”, even when it wasn’t, in fact, Emily Grace.



We are starting to give her solid foods, although with those adorable cheeks and chunky thighs, she is definitely NOT starving, she is unsure whether she likes this whole REAL FOOD thing.



We’ve been through our first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of four, and while having 2 kids under three (while working two more than full time jobs) is definitely insane, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We got to visit lots of family over Christmas, both in Dallas and Denver.  Emily got to meet her two living Great Grandparents and a whole lot of cousins, Great Aunts and Uncles and got to spend time with lots of Aunts and Uncles.  It was a great holiday!

She spends a lot of time hanging on her mat, she has learned to roll over– both from front to back and back to front. She loves sucking her thumb and watching Lexie.  We are absolutely in love with this little Peanut (which earned her the nickname “Little P”).



  1. Emily K Webster says:

    I love this little doll baby! She does have the most kissable cheeks! I want to smooch them immediately!

  2. isabel Arana says:

    Que hermoso …las fotos son geniales con tu familia.Dios siempre con ustedes.

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