30 Before 30 Update

Right after my 29th birthday I decided to set a few goals for myself for the year.  I’ve got quite the list… and I’ve started on quite a few… and finished a couple! I’ll keep updating as the year goes by!

My 30 Before 30 list:

  • Run another half marathon (bonus points if I beat my previous time: 2 hrs 9 min 10 seconds)- I’ve registered (and started training) for this! Dec 9th. 2013
  • Start a vegetable garden
  • Build my own built-in-closet (modeled after Sandra’s AWESOME closet)
  • Book a trip to Europe with my husband (and maybe a few friends)
  • Find a farmer’s market near my house to visit on a Saturday morning
  • Finish my t-shirt quilt (2+years in the making)
  • Learn to cook 5 new meals  I learned AT LEAST this many during my two weeks of my Whole 30
  • Take my husband to visit my favorite city: Washington DC
  • Go see Lion King (kind of cheating… I already have tickets to this… but it’s a show I’ve always wanted to see!)
  • Pay off part of my company debt
  • Finish another sprint triathlon (again… bonus points if I beat my previous time)
  • Build a pergola in my back yard
  • Help my twin brother fix up his house (as payment for letting me use his pool whenever I want!) Blog posts coming next week on this!
  • Spend a Saturday without ever leaving the house… no projects, just laziness.
  • Take a weekend getaway to Beaver Creek.  (I bought a couple of free nights at a silent auction… now we just have to use them) Check out our visit here.
  • Go Skiing with the church youth group… as an ‘adult’ sponsor.- I’m signed up and ready to go!
  • Get new Christmas Stockings for my husband and I for our first Christmas as a married couple.
  • Learn how to put crown molding up in my our house
  • Give 10% to charity or the church for 2013
  • Get my husband certified to Scuba Dive
  • Finish changing my name to my married last name… who knew there were so many things to change!?– Just a few more to go! And seriously… American Airlines Miles Program needs more info than my credit card?!
  • Organize the whole house- no seriously… every cupboard, closet, under every bed.
  • Take a spa day with a friend
  • Host a dinner party
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Make a wedding book for each set of our parents and ourselves
  • Save enough money to install double ovens in our kitchen
  • Get to my ideal weight- Working on this…
  • Get better at using my SLR Camera (kinda hard to measure… but maybe I’ll know it when I get there?)
  • Throw a 30th Birthday Party for my twin brother and myself


  1. You go girl!!!! I’d love to help out with the spa day or Europe trip 🙂

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