Baby Update Week 14

I love being on the blogosphere and reading everyone’s 2014 recaps, goals for 2015 and their big plans for the year… and I think to myself… it would be really awesome to be in a place in my life to do that… but that feels monumentally far from the craziness that my life is in now.  So I’ll be satisfied with the fact that I’m doing the things that make my life doable right now and not worry about posting on the blog or making sure I have my resolutions for the year well articulated.  Right now my resolutions are to make it through pregnancy (hopefully with a healthy child to show for it) and to eventually unpack the rest of the boxes in my house.  I’m thinking maybe I can accomplish those two things this year.

And I promise I do have some house related posts that I am going to finish up for the rest of this week, but for now… a baby update.

I have two weeks to post about this time since I didn’t get around to posting through Christmas and New Years.


Week 13 Recap


Baby’s Size: as long as a Pea Pod (which btw feels like smaller than a lime, but whatever)

Baby’s Progress: Baby has fingerprints so no crime sprees from now on… and the body is catching up to the size of the head.

Weight Gain: -2 lbs. I’m staying pretty solid in the down two lbs from where I started (but i’m going to go ahead and assume its because I’m losing muscle since I haven’t been working out 😉 )

Sleep: Sleeping like a baby, except that my parents are staying with us this week, so my normal 9pm bedtime and 7am start time gets adjusted for socialization!

Milestones: Baby’s first Christmas? I’m not sure you can call this a milestone, but I missed 11 o’clock Christmas Eve service with my family for the first time (maybe ever in my life) because I just. could. not. stay. awake. We still haven’t bought much for the baby, or really gotten much as gifts, but my brother and sister-in-law gave Baby an awesome library of hard backed books, which feels like an appropriate thing for my child to have tons of books to start off its life!

Symptoms: Nausea is still rockin’, making it easy to bypass all the Christmas sweets.  I was however able to indulge in some pretty excellent meals while my parents and my brother’s in-laws were in town and cooking!

Workout: still No.



Week 14 Recap


Baby’s Size: a lemon

Baby’s Progress: baby can now squint frown and grimace… preparing pretty well for the terrible 2s! Baby’s arms are now proportionate to the rest of the body and it is producing red blood cells. And he/she is getting more flexible and active in there, but I still can’t feel it.

Weight Gain: -2 lbs. Yep… I still haven’t gained any weight, but I definitely am starting to show.  (Although part of me wonders if really my stomach muscles have just given up the effort to ‘suck it in’ so this is less baby and more belly!)

Sleep: Sleep is getting a little harder, especially trying to not sleep on my back… apparently I like to do that in the middle of the night and the doctors frown on that.  I have a fancy pregnancy pillow that my best friend gave me, so that’s helping some. And I’m having pretty crazy dreams.

Milestones: I survived 2 20+hour bus rides with our high school youth group and have lots of volunteers for babysitting (this is when Reese’s job as youth minister is going to come in handy!!)

Symptoms: The nausea is almost all the way gone!!! I still get a twinge of it after eating, but mostly feel great now, and my energy level is definitely back.  I still get tired if I do too much, but for the most part I feel great! But I also have to pee ALL THE TIME.

Workout: I’m definitely itching to go work out, walk, run something, but since it is 20 degrees outside most of the time, I’ll pass for now. Maybe in a few weeks when it warms up!




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    Yeah! I love baby updates! Let me know if you need anything!

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