Bonus Room

At the top of my stairs is a room I haven’t really shown on the blog yet. Mostly because I have had 0 inspiration for it.  It sat mostly empty for the first year I was in my house, except for the piano.  My movers LOVED me… “You want that piano where?” “Upstairs in that little alcove that it fits PERFECTLY into” “UPSTAIRS?!!?” Don’t worry… I had definitely cleared this with the moving company first… they just hadn’t communicated that to the actual guys moving the furniture.  I don’t have a picture of it with just the piano… but you can use your imagination with the pictures below… just mentally remove the couches, TV and coffee table.  Oh and don’t mind the fact that I didn’t even pick up the laundry to take a picture of this room… it just wouldn’t be true to the room.


After my husband’s furniture came to live with me (he moved in with my brother before the wedding, but his furniture all came to the house), I moved my old couches upstairs.  These couches were a hand me down from some neighbors to my brother in college, after college I got them because they were FREE and I was BROKE.  Although I don’t love the blue color, these babies are COMFY.  I’m pretty sure I spent a good portion of my single life curled up in that recliner nursing my television addiction (from which I have still not recovered). Because the laundry room is upstairs and right off of this room, and NO ONE EVER GOES UP HERE unless I have guests, this is pretty much a full time laundry folding station (and by that I mean closet… I loathe folding clothes).

bonusroom1 The previous owners left that window shade, which I’m grateful for… but also find semi-humorous as its the only window they had a shade like that on, and it faces the side of my neighbors house with no windows.  So no one can see in that window.  But it does get a significant amount of light, so maybe they were just blocking out the light? The two things hanging on the wall? Mom and I hung those the week of the wedding so that this room would look a little more settled! This room also houses some of our home workout equipment… which double as toys when the nephews come over and play.

Anyway, I got a little bit of motivation for this space by way of some fabric for curtains I found in my grandmother’s basement and decided to do a little  more ‘finishing off’ of this room.  And my goal is to complete it all before the Halloween party in a few weeks so that people can come up here to play games.



So here’s my list of things to do in the room– Updated with links for the finished projects!

Its not a super long list… and I’ve already started on a couple of those things… but I’ll be posting about that tomorrow!


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