Bringing Up Baby

In case you thought my life was starting to get boring and that CLEARLY I didn’t have enough going on with the move and the holidays and a busy year for my day job, we thought we would add in another (not so little) extra.


Lexie is very excited to announce that she will have Baby Guard Dog Duty starting next June!  That’s right, the husband and I are going to have a baby! Like everything else, I’m sure I’ll overshare on the blog about this whole adventure, so if reading about that isn’t your thing… skip over those posts! And if you have ever met our dog, you understand that this picture is QUITE humorous because Lexie would not guard anything from anything.  She might however break your kneecaps with her tail of steel since she’ll be wagging it excitedly while she has a toy in her mouth.

If you are curious on some of the details: I am at a little over 12 weeks now, so I’m headed into my second trimester.  Tomorrow I’ll post some weekly updates that I’ve been trying to write (see them here), but let’s be honest, I’ve been moving and working so they aren’t SUPER consistent… but I am trying!

The short version of what you can read tomorrow is that I’ve had crazy intense nausea and massive amounts of sheer exhaustion; all of which people tell me is a good sign.  Although it took everything inside of me not to punch my doctor when she was so excited about my nausea.  Apparently round the clock morning sickness and exhaustion make MJ pretty grumpy!

And I do have to give a massive shoutout to my husband for being a Rockstar during the moving process: he (along with a little help from my parents) packed the ENTIRE house up while I mostly laid on the couch.  HUSBAND OF THE YEAR AWARD.   The morning sickness is starting to let up (and I’m hoping for one heck of a nesting phase) so I’ve been able to do quite a bit of the unpacking.

We are going to find out the sex of the baby, but I’m thinking that won’t really happen until February because of our doctor’s visit schedules. The husband is completely convinced it is a boy, but I’m pretty sure that is wishful thinking on his part.  And that leads me to my next story: how we found out.  You know how some people have cute stories about how they tell their husband’s they are pregnant? Well, first of all, I have no poker face, so I’m pretty sure he would know immediately anyway, but in our case? He found out first.

What’s that you say?  How on EARTH does something like that happen? Well, he was convinced we were pregnant and we decided to take a test, well at the time I was getting up to go to Camp Gladiator at 5:30 3 mornings a week, and this happened to be one of those days, but all the pregnancy tests tell you to take it in the morning, so I did.  I was in a hurry, so I looked at the test (one of the ones with two lines if you are pregnant, one if the test worked but you aren’t pregnant) and there was one line.  So I tossed the test on the counter, told my sleeping husband he was wrong and we weren’t and went to my workout class.

When I got home from CG, he said… are you sure we aren’t pregnant? There are two lines on there. So of course I run in there and look at the test, and sure enough: two lines.  One dark one (the control line) and one VERY VERY faint line.  Well turns out faint line or dark line… a line is a line (and yes we googled that).  So my husband told me we were pregnant.

But we are over the moon excited about this and its already been a crazy ride, but we are excited for the next chapter of our lives!


ps… Extra shout out to our awesome friend Claire for writing the sign… SO JEALOUS OF YOUR CALLIGRAPHY SKILLS!!



  1. Emily Webster says:

    Congratulations to you both! I can’t wait to meet Baby Popst!

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