Do you know what does not amuse me? My motherboard crashing.  I have a not even 2 years old laptop that I use for both work and personal… and Tuesday afternoon it crashed.  After spending all day yesterday figuring out how to fix it (guess what… you can’t) I have a new computer and a computer expert getting my data off my old hard drive.  So needless to say, the posts I had planned for yesterday and today won’t be happening.  I’ll be back next week!

Project ADD

Do you ever feel in life like you have about 15 million projects started and nothing to show for it?!

I’m in that phase right now.  I have been swamped at work this spring, and its all great and exciting stuff, but quite time consuming! And on the home front I’ve been making burp cloths like crazy, finishing up a project for my niece (that i’ll post about tomorrow), I’ve started planting some spring flowers, and i’m about halfway done with the construction of an awesome info desk for the church where my husband works.

I shared a sneak peak on my instagram feed this weekend… and I’m excited to get it finished up this weekend.

Meanwhile I’m going to keep chipping away at all my projects and hopefully I’ll have more fun stuff to show you in the near future!

I also shared on Instagram a new key rack we bought and hung from Young House Love‘s new Target Collection.

I’m actually stunned by how much that little key rack makes me feel like that area is more ‘finished’.  Plus I’ve spent less time rummaging around in the bottom of my purse looking for my keys.  SCORE!


Happy New Year! I hope you are all excited for 2014!

2013 was a wonderful year for me with lots of exciting things happening (most notably our wedding) but I am always excited for a new year and the possibilities it brings.  As I look forward to this year I know it will be a crazy busy one… just the first three months alone will be crazy busy at work, my twin brother is getting married and many other exciting things! I’ve never been much of a resolution kind of girl in the past, but I am really liking the goal setting of my 30 before 30 list so I thought maybe I’d try out the resolution thing here on the blog!

  1. Finish said 30 Before 30 List
  2. Be more positive–I find myself increasingly more cynical and therefore not the person I want to be and I think making a conscious effort to be more positive will have a major impact on that
  3. Get to a healthier me– cook more, workout more, eat less/better
  4. Help other people out–I find myself thinking about really great things I can do for other people: friends, strangers, my husband, family, but rarely do I find myself following through on those ideas… so I’d like to accomplish a few more of them.
  5. Be more reflective–spend more time writing in a journal, praying, meditating

Five feels like a good number, so we’ll stop there.  I realize as I write these that most of these resolutions really center around having more time, which is something I rarely find myself with excess of, so maybe that is my one true resolution… to find more time for the things I care about.

What are your resolutions?