Halloween Backdrop

While I was searching around for inspiration for my Halloween table, I came across this awesome party.  While a blood bar is a bit graphic for me, I did LOVE their background.   I did mine just a bit differently, as I thought it would look cool draping down so that it was longer at the center than it was on the sides.  All you need for this project is two bags of cheesecloth (6 yards), some twine and scissors.  (and a broom because this stuff sheds!)



I took the cloth and just folded it at the length I wanted it to be, cutting the ends of one side.


Then I took my scissors and cut strips that were approximately 3″ wide. The variance is one of the things I like about this project, so I wasn’t too specific about how wide to make each strip.





I used two thumbtacks to string up some twine centered over my table and as I got strips cut I layered them over the twine.  As you can see I cut a few in half to exaggerate the draping. Here is what it looked like before I got the second bag put up and the black fabric background:


Because I knew my life was going to be crazy for the last few weeks, I went ahead and set up my table about 3 weeks ago… so my poor husband has lived without a kitchen table and with our kitchen looking something like this for the last three weeks:


Yep… he loves me and all my crazy a lot.  And if you missed yesterday’s post about the rest of the party decor… check it out here!



  1. So fun! I hope to attend a Popst Halloween party one of these days!!!

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