Halloween Invite

For our Halloween Party I designed an invitation in photoshop.  I’m not super creative without some motivation (thank you Pinterest) so I just scrolled through some invitations I liked online and copied pieces of several that I liked.  And here is what I came up with: (obviously the address, date and time have been altered for safety from the creepiness of the web)



The fonts I used in this invite are (in order from top to bottom): Birmingham Elongated, Carnevalee Freakshow, Markofontina, Champage & Limousines (the address), Modern No. 20 (time)

Want to see last years?


And some of my favorite Halloween fonts:



  1. I thought it looked fantastic! I can’t believe you made the design yourself! I like this years better than last because the orange really pops and gives it color. Michael and I will be there btw!

  2. Emily Webster says:

    It looks awesome! You are a design superstar!

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