Halloween 2012

I shared with you yesterday the first Halloween party I hosted in my house, and although I kept some things the same for year two, I changed up a few things.


Since I learned my lesson to have cupcakes instead of cake for dessert, I made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  My grandmother had given me some cute fall decorations to stick in them.


I used the same framed Halloween Subway art from last year (there is a link in yesterday’s post if you want your own version!) and I love the black sticks from Ikea as a way to add some height onto the table.  One of the secrets of good décor is to have varying heights to add visual interest.  These sticks are SUPER cheap from Ikea and could easily be painted for any occasion.  They are in a vase that came from a florist.  I don’t know about you, but I end up with a bunch of these that I just can’t bear to throw away! So my best solution… change them to suit your needs! On this one I put painters tape around the vase in striped intervals and then spray painted it with a Frosted Glass Spray paint.


My tablecloth was just a piece of cute Halloween fabric that sewed a hem on with a zigzag stitch in black thread to make it a little more Halloween-y.

For the outside of my house I added some orange Christmas lights (are they still Christmas lights if they are for Halloween?) to the bushes outside(sorry for no picture), and hung this spider web over my front door.  But my favorite part of last year’s outside décor was my Pinterest inspired Mannequin head ghosts.


I got my mannequin heads (I made two of them) from Sally’s Beauty Supply near my house for about $5 dollars apiece and used cheese cloth and modge podge to secure it.  These definitely look more like ghosts if you only put the modge podge down to the mannequin’s lips and no further. The picture above doesn’t quite do their creepiness justice.  As I will be using them again this year, I’ll be sure to take better pictures!

Some of our best friends won the prize for best costume… their Nerds costume was amazing!


But maybe I should rethink Silly String as a prize…


Stay tuned for tomorrow because I have some of my favorite childhood costumes ready to show you guys!

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