Just for Fun on Thursday

I did this a few weeks ago and posted a few videos that had intrigued me over the week and I saw another one I wanted to share!!  I’ve been thinking of making this a regular thing on Fridays… but since I haven’t finished my original Thursday post, I’m going to postpone it tomorrow… so enjoy this one today!

This girl’s facial expressions are AWESOME. The story is that she is a hearing child of deaf parents who signed the concert for her parents who are deaf.  Such a sweet thought from a kid who clearly has a LOT of personality!

And since we are going with an awesome kid’s performance, you can’t miss this one.  I’ve watched it a few times and still love this girls heart.  I need a lesson from her on enthusiasm while dancing.


And last but certainly not least… this girl LOVES her life.  I think maybe we should all start our mornings like her.  Its an older one… but worth the repeat viewing!!

Have a great weekend!!

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