Mi Casa

I bought this house two years ago when I was single and tired of paying rent which was higher than a monthly mortgage payment.  So I settled into a house I could afford in the ‘burbs of Dallas.  Having grown up in a suburb, I’m right at home here in the land of subdivisions and HOAs. It also helped that my twin brother had just returned to Dallas and would be living about 10 minutes away from my new house.  Which means… FREE labor!! That is gold to a single girl in her first house.

purchased-house  I had just finished a weekend of house hunting and was about to set off for a trip with my brothers when my Realtor said she had one more for me to look at which had just come on the market. When we went to look at it and I fell in love: a two story pinkish brick home with plenty of room for change, but nothing major that NEEDED to happen… other than paint. I had no need for a neon green nursery (see below… eek!).  I swear it doesn’t look quite so looming in person, its just what happens when you take it from the bottom of my somewhat steep driveway.

I got the house for a little under asking and proceeded to go through the annoying process of securing my first home loan… in a market where all the lenders were a bit gun-shy after the housing crisis.

Here is a little sneak peek into what are working with… mind you these are the photos of my first walk through of the house meaning: not my furniture.


This was the living room when I purchased it… mostly nothing has changed aside from my furniture instead of theirs.


This is the kitchen… stay tuned for how we tiled a backsplash and see what it looks like a little bluer.


This was the first room to change. I’m not a big burnt orange fan and the two toned walls were getting to me, and as it is the very FIRST place you walk into, I needed it to have a little less orange going on.  


This is the master bedroom (remember… NOT my furniture!) and this was my lesson numero uno on how furniture placement makes a huge difference in the size of a room. 


This was room number two to be painted (if it was anything but a guest room/office it would have CATAPULTED to the top of that list… but alas until I got around to it, I could shut the door and pretend that it wasn’t my Digger Phelps room)


And this final room is another guest room  upstairs that has turned into my KU room.

Stay tuned because the house has come A LONG WAY from here.  And still has a long way to go!



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