Another month has come and gone without me posting… I didn’t even follow up on a Halloween party recap!! (which yes means sometime in December I’ll be posting about Halloween… talk about being on top of it!) BUT alas, I have had good reason! We are moving!! In two WEEKS!!!

I’m not even really sure how to approach this post other than to say, we are super excited to be moving within our same neighborhood to a house we love.  It is crazy unexpected because we weren’t looking and/or planning to move in the near future.  We had talked about moving a few years down the line to a slightly bigger house, but we love our location, we weren’t really looking and so on and so forth.  Until a good friend casually mentioned at dinner one night… HEY the house next to ours is for sale.  These friends live in our neighborhood on a quieter street and so being the Nosy Rosy that I am… I Zillow-ed it.  (PS I’m pretty sure I just made up that word… but I am all in favor of making that a new thing).  And I liked the house, at least from the pictures and it was about the right jump in price from our current house for us.  So my poor husband gets a text at 10am that morning that says: I want to buy this house, with a link to Zillow.  He responds with HAHA.  I respond… NO SERIOUSLY.

And thus begins our spiral into insanity.  Wherein we decide to look at the house, put in an offer, negotiate deal, put our house on market, sell our house, and negotiate deal, all before Christmas. What can I say: we are gluttons for punishment.

Since we are a two weeks away from our closing date, I don’t want to jinx it by sharing too many details about the new house (because DUH it doesn’t belong to us yet).  But rest assured I will share many many details as soon as it is officially ours. Meanwhile I will be madly packing up my house that I wasn’t really planning to pack up any time soon while it becomes more and more evident that I am a hoarder.

To tide you over, here is a picture of the  outside:



And the few details I will share:

  • It is slightly larger than our current house 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths
  • It has a layout that is more open, which is what I prefer
  • It has a pool which I am super excited about (I know this could go either way for people… but I am excited)
  • It is on a quieter street–not that we live on a super busy one, but this one feels a little more tucked away
  • We are going to have the BEST neighbors.


PS tomorrow  I’ll be posting one of my favorite projects to date that my mom and I made for my niece.  It’ll be worth coming back for!  Update: One of my favorite projects: our play kitchen


  1. Emily Webster says:

    This is very exciting! Congratulations to you two crazy kids!

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