My Plants are Dead…

My beautiful yard with lots of pretty flowers that my mom spent several days slaving over while I was 9 months pregnant and floating in the pool (true story) have died.  Not all of them… but for sure all the ones in pots.  Its Texas in the extremely long summer fall afterall, so forgetting to water your pots makes flowers die in about 24 hours.  And remembering to water things every day? Not happening around here.

So my plants are dead.  But my daughter and my dog are still alive and doing well, which is what really counts.

Life is a bit crazy around here.  My husband took a new job which requires him to be gone for training for a while, so I’m trying to juggle keeping the house going, keeping my day job, and learning how to be a good mom, all on my own.  This time in my life has given me mad respect for all the single parents out there… your job is NOT EASY.  I am so lucky my time as a single parent is for a relatively short and finite time.  But more than anything it has made me supremely grateful for the support network I have.  I am so so lucky to have great friends and great family that help bail me out when I need it and also just help me make the load a little lighter.  These last few months have had HUGE life changes and while they are all great and amazing changes, they take a certain amount of adjusting and hard work.  And really, they have made me really focus on the things that are important in life.  On that list and in no particular order? My daughter, my husband, my friends, my family, my faith, and getting to enjoy the now.

But do you know what’s not on that list? A perfectly clean, designed house, a finished to do list, or worrying about the future.  And so while a huge part of me wants this transition time to go faster, there is another huge part that is saying “stop, enjoy these moments for what they are, relish in the fact that your child is changing every day, and that there is great beauty in the imperfection”.

I have continually in this phase of life been grateful for God’s timing, for friend’s selflessness and for just a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on.  And this face makes it all worth it.


So while my flowers have suffered, the things that are important haven’t.  I am eternally grateful for that and I might just forgive myself for letting the not so important things fall to the wayside.


  1. Debbie Witte says:

    Welcome to the world of parenthood, where perfection goes by the wayside and good enough is a daily occurrence. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to water your plants in the future and will miss the days where you didn’t have enough time.

  2. Emily Webster says:

    Taylor is just beautiful and is so lucky to have such an incredible family. We are so proud and impressed by you every day. We love you so much!

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