Week 16 Bump Update

Week 16 Recap


Baby’s Size: an iPhone… (its fruit/veggie size is a turnip, but since I can’t remember ever eating/seeing a turnip in real life… my iPhone feels much more realistic to me. Again… thanks to pregnant chicken for that reference)

Baby’s Progress: Baby’s skeleton is changing from cartilage to bone and can move it’s joints… and is growing.  Baby can hear now, and that has made me think about all of the funny sounds I hear all day long: I wonder if he/she enjoyed the Stars game we went to with a group of friends… because I am sure it was loud enough to hear.  But on a sweeter note it has made Reese and I more intentional about playing piano and guitar for baby.  (Reese plays, not me… I can only play Oh When the Saints Go Marching In and I’m sure the baby doesn’t want to hear that on repeat).

Weight Gain: I’m still at 0 lbs. gained, again the doctor isn’t worried since she can tell the uterus is growing.  And I’m sure at the end of my pregnancy these days of 0 weight gain will feel like a far distant memory. And clearly something is happening… I have a full on bump now.

Sleep: Sleeping is getting a little rougher, every now and then I have trouble sleeping, usually around 5 or 6am, which feels like it is just training me to be an early riser again.

Milestones: We had another doctor’s appointment this week, where we got to hear the heartbeat, and the doctor is saying after every strange and totally indistinguishable noise, oh well that is when the baby is moving, or that’s your placenta rubbing together, that’s your heartbeat, that’s the baby’s, and I’m hearing a whole lot of fuzzy noises.  But I could actually tell the baby’s heartbeat, so that is fun. And we set a date for our next sonogram and we will get to find out the sex at that appointment, so YAY! Oh and we bought a new piece of furniture for the nursery! I’ll post about that later this week.

Favorite clothing item of the week: a long sleeve gap maternity T-shirt: cute and comfy! I received a bunch of maternity clothes from my BFF that she no longer needs, and this was in that stash.

Symptoms: My biggest symptom is that I burp all. the. time.  It’s oh so very attractive.  That and things seem to fall asleep faster: like my arms, hands, feet etc.  So I can’t sit in the same cross legged position that I used to sit in, and I wake up and have to shake out my hands.  My doctor said that could be a precursor to getting carpel tunnel later in the pregnancy which happens for some people.  But since the solution to that is sleeping in wrist braces, I’m feeling like it would have to be pretty bad for me to think that was more comfortable. So I’m crossing my fingers (but not too tightly so they don’t go to sleep) that doesn’t actually manifest.

Workout: I worked out a couple of times last week, and spent Sunday afternoon raking leaves, so I’m putting a mark in the win column for last week!



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    You are a superstar!

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