Week 19 Recap

So since this is the recap of 19 weeks, it actually means that I am starting my 20th week today… WHICH MEANS I AM ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH.  Which is crazy! In some ways I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and in some ways I feel like I just started this crazy roller coaster ride!  But regardless things are going well, so I am very grateful for that!

This picture also marks the 3rd paint color you have seen in these updates (old house, new house, new house new paint color) which is not so significant except that it makes me remember just how much has happened since we started documenting this thing! (But I also promise not to change the paint color again before the end!)


I should also probably quit taking naps right before I take these pictures… I look a little half dazed, but since Sunday afternoon naps are one of my staples, I won’t really apologize for that, just explain!



Baby’s Size: The length of a banana.  Plus at last weeks appointment SHE (!!) weighed right at 10 ounces, so she is right on track with the pregnancy apps that say she is now about 10.5 ounces.

Baby’s Progress: We got to have a sonogram this week, and that was exciting because we got to find out gender, but also because we got to see her little heart beating and the sonogram lady checked brain and body measurements and everything looked right on track.  And since I am a bit of a worry wart, that was very reassuring news! We’ve hit most of the milestones of development (she has all her little parts) so from here on out it is mostly about getting bigger and developing all the organs even further!

Weight Gain: I’m up 2 lbs total, so if you are keeping track- that is a 1.5 gain this week.  And according to my Doc, I should be gaining about a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy, so that is starting to go right on track.

Sleep: Sleep is about the same as last week, most nights I sleep fine, but wake up just a few times in the night.

Milestones: We found out that she is a girl this week! We had a sonogram, which if all goes well is likely to be one of our last until closer to birth. Which is good since everything is healthy, but sad because it is so fun to see her in there! We also got her crib.  I’ll post more about this later, but a friend was selling theirs, so we snagged a great crib for not too much money!

Favorite clothing item of the week: Hmmm… not sure I have a true favorite this week, but I’ve been enjoying some of my pre-maternity peasant blouses that are still big enough to cover my increasingly large belly!

Symptoms: Nada- I am going to enjoy this phase while it lasts! I definitely feel blessed to have missed out on some of the second trimester things most pregnant ladies get to enjoy.  My only side effect is that I get tired much more easily.  My brain seems to think I’m still the same old me who can go 100 miles an hour, but about halfway through something I get tired and have to rest.  Case in point- we worked on a Habitat for Humanity build with our church this weekend and I had the (sarcasm font) super strenuous job of spackling (end sarcasm font) and about an hour in I was really tired! So I’ve been learning to take breaks and give myself a rest.

Workout: I had a cold most of last week, so I didn’t get much working out in, but I did make it back yesterday to my normal Camp Gladiator workout.  I definitely notice a difference in my balance and speed, so I’m doing all the exercises a lot more slowly than I have before. I used to be in the first half of people finished, and now I am definitely one of the last (or I don’t finish at all).  Which is one of the reasons that I love Camp Gladiator, there is no pressure to be the fastest or overdo it.  I’m not sure how many of my fellow campers even know I am pregnant (versus just having a belly) although it is definitely getting more obvious. But everyone is still cheerful and supportive of everyone else, which is my favorite type of workout environment.  I’m the kind of person that if you yell at and tell to work harder I’ll drop my weights and quit the workout, but tell me I’m doing a good job and I’ll work twice as hard, so this is the perfect place for me. My husband is the complete opposite, so its always kind of amusing when we workout together.

So that wraps up this week!!

Oh and since we are halfway, I made a gif for you guys so you can see the progress.  (I promise the second half of pregnancy to be more routine about when and where I take the pics so they aren’t so jumpy!)




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    I love the update and the series of pictures!

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