Week 27 Recap

Happy Easter!! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekends, The husband and I got a TON of things accomplished around the house, so I’ll be sharing a lot of those this week and next!  But we also enjoyed celebrating Easter at our church and with our small group, so it felt like a great balanced weekend of work and play!


Baby’s Size: Baby girl is eggplant sized and about 2.25 pounds.

Baby’s Progress: She is capable of blinking and now has eyelashes (here’s hoping she inherits my long lashes!) and she is still packing on the pounds!

Weight Gain: I am at about a 10 pound net increase from the start of this whole pregnancy, so I’m right on track!

Sleep: Sleep is definitely getting harder.  I told the husband I feel like a weeble wobble, if I get too much momentum I just roll over to the other side. She seems to have gotten a lot bigger in just a few short days, so I’m definitely starting to feel the full weight of carrying another human!

Milestones: I took (and failed) my glucose challenge test this week, so I have to go back for the longer test. After doing LOTS of research it seems I didn’t fail it by that much, and there are lots of false positives, so I go back for the longer test later this week and I’m hoping it comes back negative for gestational diabetes.  Although that combined with the fact that Bluebell recalled my favorite half gallon of ice cream due to Listeria concerns (which FYI affect pregnant women more than most others) I’m taking these as a sign to cut down on my sugar intake and eat a few more green veggies!

Favorite clothing item of the week: For Easter I wore an older Gap dress that I have had for several years, and got lots of compliments on it.  I’m not sure if it is a good or bad sign that so much of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe still fits over my ever-expanding belly!!

Symptoms: OOOOhhhh man, the symptoms are coming back.  My feet are swelling on a more frequent basis (I’m getting pretty good at working while my feet are propped up on the desk) and it is definitely getting harder to breathe.  I’m not sure how much of that is due to the insane pollen that has descended over the Dallas Metroplex and how much is because baby girl is getting big enough that she has been pushing on my lungs lately, but the combo is pretty intense!

Workout: I haven’t done much exercise per se, but we did a bunch of yardwork this weekend, and I’ve stayed fairly active in my daily life, so we are going to call that a win.  Although with the failed glucose challenge test I may need to start walking more and being a little more active! (either that or quit eating the Easter Starburst jelly beans that somehow found their way into my grocery bag, but walking feels WAY more likely!)


PS. If you missed any of the updates, you can check them all out here.


  1. You look fabulous!! Can’t wait to hear everything you got done this weekend!

  2. Emily Webster says:

    Still looking amazing! We hope you and baby have a happy and healthy week!

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