Week 33 Bump Recap

Week 33 is complete which means we have officially moved into the stage where even if baby girl is born today she will likely have no long term effects from being born early.  Which is sort of surreal since it means we are getting much closer to when she is fully cooked and ready to come out and meet us!! We have 6 weeks left! 6 weeks! That’s not very long!!!

Fortunately the finishing touches are going into the nursery, she has clothes that are washed and dried and put away, diapers awaiting her arrival, and a car seat to come home in… which in my book counts as close enough to ready! I still have a few things I want to accomplish before she gets here–like sewing a few onesies and fun things, cleaning out the freezer and then filling it up with some meals for later, and doing a little extra organization around the house, but those are things that if they happen are wonderful, but if they don’t… we will survive!

So without further ado, this weeks Bump Recap:



Baby’s Size: As you can tell by my ever expanding belly and the strain it is putting on my shirts, baby girl is growing just fine! She is about 4.5 lbs right now according to the books. The app says she is about the size of a cantaloupe, but in my world cantaloupes are smaller than pineapples which is what it told me last week… so lets just go with large fruit sized, and although it might feel like I swallowed a watermelon she isn’t THAT big yet.

Baby’s Progress: Apparently her fingernails are fully grown… and since cutting baby fingernails terrifies me, that is a scary progress statistic! Other than that, her skin is becoming less translucent and her body organs are getting stronger!

Weight Gain: I gained about a pound last week… so all together I’m about 15 lbs up from where I started.  On the how I feel scale… I feel like I have gained about 50 lbs and someone filled my legs with sand. But the scale doesn’t exactly back that up.

Sleep: Sleep is mostly fine, I definitely get up a few times a night, and when I roll over sometimes I stretch the ligament at the base of the belly which is extremely painful.  The first time it happened I kind of freaked out because it was so sharp a pain, but it happened close to a doctor appointment and I asked her and she said that is fairly normal.  It really is amazing to me what counts as ‘normal’ during pregnancy!

Milestones: I am finished travelling until after the baby comes.  I survived a week of travel around Nebraska (which had me super nervous that something would happen and I would have to be put on bed rest so far from home, but fortunately it all went very smoothly).  I did fly to Nebraska and back and the flight attendant definitely gave me a wary look when I got on the plane… you could tell she was thinking: PLEASE don’t have any issues on this flight.  Since I was thinking pretty much the same thing, I didn’t fault her for that thought process!!

Favorite clothing item of the week: I wore my work polo for the vast majority of this week since we were having our open houses at each store location, and they fortunately still fit… definitely with a tank top underneath, but they fit and didn’t look too tight, so i’m not sure that counts as a favorite, but I’m grateful they still fit!

Symptoms: I waddle. A LOT. And I feel like someone filled my legs with sand which means if I stand for too long I get really tired. Breathing is also pretty difficult, but they say that will improve when she shifts down a bit.

Workout: My hotel room was on the 3rd floor and I walked the stairs most of the time last week.  That felt like enough of a workout.

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  1. Emily Webster says:

    I am so glad you and baby are healthy! I am praying for you all!

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