Week 34 Bump Update

Sorry this post is a little late and a little scattered!! My parents and grandmother got to spend the weekend with us which has been super fun, but not so conducive to catching up on the blog!!



Baby’s Size: She is about 4.5-5 lbs… here in a few weeks we’ll have a sonogram to get a better idea of what size she really is… but my doctor thinks she is tracking right on schedule. The books say he is about the size of a honeydew melon.

Baby’s Progress: Her liver is fully developed and her kidneys are working now too… so its just weight gaining time! She is theoretically running out of room in there… but that doesn’t seem to have slowed her down much!!

Weight Gain: I’m about a pound from last week, so  around 16 lbs up.  However I FEEL huge.

Sleep: Sleep has definitely been harder this week, although we have had tons of storms and other things going on, so I’m going to blame those and hope that my sleep comes back to normal (or as normal as possible) this next week!

Milestones: This has been a pretty calm week, so it sort of feels like the calm before the storm.  Most of the things on my checklist for before baby are done, but I’ve still got awhile left before she is supposed to come!

Favorite clothing item of the week: Definitely my pregnancy jeans… as I get bigger and bigger I appreciate the support band in the top of my jeans.  I have two pairs: one from A Pea in the Pod and one from Ann Taylor the Loft….and they are pretty much all I wear these days unless I need to look a little nicer.

Symptoms: Really they are the same symptoms as last week… I waddle, its hard to breathe, everything is a little tougher.  And I spill food on myself and can’t even see it. True story… my family was in town for memorial day and we went to PF Changs… I spilled a whole little bucket of sauce on myself.  The waitress was so nice and brought over a wet rag to clean it up.  But when I stood up after the meal I realized I had missed a whole spot that had spilled where the belly meets my leg.  I smelled like soy sauce for the rest of the afternoon.

Workout: We went shopping on Saturday and I walked quite a bit. And I’m starting to regret putting this little category on my bump update sheet… I was so optimistic in my first and second trimesters… I had NO IDEA how hard walking would be!

PS. If you missed any of the updates, you can check them all out here.


  1. Emily Webster says:

    You look amazing! I love these updates!


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