Week 38 Bump Recap

Well y’all, I’m recapping week 38 which means I am officially one week away from due date! (Did you know… less than 5% of women give birth on their due date? Random factoid of the day!)  So while Baby Girl can come any day now, she has shown no signs of appearing, so I’m just going to keep on keeping on with my routine! But we did have a sonogram last week to check on her so I have lots of info for you this week!!

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Baby’s Size: She measured at the sonogram last week 7lbs 7 ounces, which is larger than I was expecting her to be.  Although the sonographer did say she tends to measure a little heavy, and a few friends have warned me that those weights aren’t exactly spot on… but still! That is definitely in the category I want to be in: no huge baby (not a shocker since the hubs and I are both pretty small people), but big enough to avoid some potential health problems from being too small!

Baby’s Progress: She is just cookin’ right along in there, gaining weight (and hopefully some chubby little legs).  My doctor didn’t think she would come this week… and so far she has been right.  Which since the husband just got back from his mission trip with the youth group he leads, I’m grateful that she waited until after that to make her appearance! Now we are just waiting for her to show up!

Weight Gain: I gained a couple of pounds this week, putting me right around the 25 lb weight gain total for this pregnancy.  Which they say is right in the normal category for someone my size and starting weight.  I will say… its a little crazy to look at the scale and see a number I’ve never seen before, and every time I step on at the doctor I give a little eek! Her scale is a couple lbs over mine (I obviously like mine better) so it always reads higher than mine does… not that I’m standing on mine much these days.

Sleep: Sleep is definitely harder these days, she is still hoarding in on my lung space when I lay down, so breathing is tricky.  I’ve gone back to using the pregnancy pillow to prop me up a bit so I can breathe.  And Lexie is banished to her crate at night since she can’t seem to resist eating clothing items, and she doesn’t love being in there, so she occasionally barks or whimpers to be let out.  Who knew I would be re-crate training a 4 year old dog in the last weeks of pregnancy!?

Milestones: We had our first sonogram since she was 20 weeks old, which was pretty exciting! My mom went with me since she was in town and the husband wasn’t (don’t worry… we sent him a video).  And it was crazy how different the sonos were! When she is 20 weeks you can see most of her on the screen all at the same time, but now you can just see her head, or an elbow, or small body parts at one time since she is taking up so much room in my stomach! But it was very reassuring to see her and double check her heart beat and size and gender (yes she is for sure a girl!).  We also found out she (theoretically) has a lot of hair… you could see it around her head on the sonogram.  I’m still hoping she’ll be a little blonde like Reese and I were as kids… so we will see!

Favorite clothing item of the week: Hmmm… I feel like I’m wearing the same jeans and t-shirts every day since that is what is most comfortable, but I did dress up in tights and a tunic last night that looked pretty cute… so we will go with that.  I think more creative dressers are better at the pregnancy wardrobe, but I’ve always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, so its hard to move away from that when all I want is comfort these days!

Symptoms: My feet and hands are definitely swelling still, but not SO bad.  Mostly my feet hurt when I get up in the morning because they are swollen and tender.  And its a good thing it is summer because flip flops are by far the most comfortable shoes to wear.  I still have some pretty crazy heartburn, and EVERYTHING is more uncomfortable by now, but I can’t complain too much… most of the time I feel great, just a little more tired than I normally am!

Workout: NOPE! I have gotten in the pool a few times because it feels amazing right now, but I’m not doing much of the lap swimming.  And walking isn’t very comfortable.  Plus a whole bunch of people told me long walks were a great way to induce labor and I was trying all week to NOT induce labor while Reese was out of town. So I mostly relaxed and took it easy around the house!

Mom and Dad were in town this last week and it was great to have the company while Reese was gone.  Plus mom spent the weekend working on my backyard and it has never looked better!! I wasn’t much help, but she did an awesome job and it will be nice to enjoy throughout the rest of the summer not worrying about the weeding or mulching that needed to happen!!

I’ll let you know when baby girl makes her appearance into the world! I made a cute onesie in case she is here before the 4th of July… so that’s what I’m hoping for!

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  1. Emily Webster says:

    You are stunning! I can’t believe your due date is this week!

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