Wichita here we come!

Well, I’ve been a bit MIA around here… and with good reason.  We found out a little over a month ago that we would be moving because of my husband’s job and after a bit of a roller coaster of emotions, our final destination for the next few years (at least) is Wichita.  I have totally mixed emotions about this.  On one hand I am so very very sad to be leaving my beloved house and all of my close friends, family and church that are here in Dallas. On the other hand, we knew that a move was possible, and even likely, and it could have been a LOT worse.  His job could move him really anywhere in the country and we are very fortunate to be going to Wichita since that is where my parents live (for the next year) and my job is just as easy from Wichita as it is here in Dallas (we have offices in Kansas and Texas). Plus with my parents having been in Wichita for the last 11 years, I know the area pretty well, we will be able to drive up for KU games and I am excited about the lack of TRAFFIC which has gotten sort of out of control in the Plano area!!  Plus I spent some quality time there after college so have a few friends in the area!

So the last month has been busy finding a house (we are under contract on one!), getting ready to list ours (after christmas), finding a daycare for Taylor (harder than you can POSSIBLY imagine) , and the entire list of things that accompany those items. Oh and my normal day job, taking care of a 5 month old (a bit behind on that recap!!), trying to keep up with laundry, house hold things, holidays with my family  and decorating for Christmas.  So needless to say, there has been very little time for extraneous things like blogging.

But I love my little corner of the blog-o-sphere and want to get back into writing it! I have a lot in my head that I want to write about in the next few weeks, so hopefully I’ll find some time to get what is in my head out on paper! But in the mean time… I’ll be thinking of fun things to do in Wichita and trying to wrap my head around getting this house ready to move… and I feel like I just unpacked my last box!!!


Photo taken from http://www.topthingsincity.com/things-to-do-in-wichita/ but don’t believe the first sentence of the page… Wichita is NOT the capital of Kansas. That would be Topeka. But the picture is cool! 


  1. Emily Webster says:

    Yeah! We are so excited your amazing family is coming a little closer to our neck of the woods. You are one busy lady, so let me know if you need anything!

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