A Tiny Update

I’m popping in here to give you guys a small short update.  I have a larger post later this week on the piece we just finished for my church, but it has a ton of photos and info and I just didn’t get it done this weekend… so I thought I’d share the quick and easy update my husband and I did last weekend that is making a big difference!

About a year (maybe 2?) ago I saw a USB/Wall Outlet and decided it would be PERFECT for my kitchen/mail area. I can’t remember where I bought mine, but you can buy a similar one here. Anyway, its been one of those projects that just has never surfaced to the top of my list, but last weekend  I stumbled across the box and decided that now was the time to switch out the outlet.  Last week I showed you guys our mini-mail/command center on our kitchen counter. 


Well now, that tiny little outlet looks like this:


And I don’t have to go scrambling around to find one of those little square adapter things.  BRILLIANT! I would give you instructions but I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about replacing outlets, I just followed the instructions on the sheet of paper that came with the outlet.  The basic gist of it is: pay attention when you remove the first outlet and put EVERYTHING BACK WHERE IT BELONGS. OH… and remember to turn of the breaker for that outlet before doing anything.  I like to do these during the day so that I can turn off the power to the whole house because it makes me feel safer.

Safety side note: for my job I had to attend an OSHA 10 Hour Safety course, which is really an OSHA (Let’s show you pictures of every injury that could happen on a construction site) Safety Course. So I don’t play around with safety.  Neither should you!

And just in case you guys are as mesmerized by how fast vegetables grow as I am… here is my veggie garden right now:


Check out how much they have grown from just last week!



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