AJ’s Closet

Welcome back to closet week! <sarcasm font> Nothing is quite as exciting as closets!! <end sarcasm font> Closets may not be the most exciting topic ever, but man… having a super functional closet makes a HUGE difference.  As I mentioned yesterday, both my twin brother and I decided to install Elfa in each of our master closets due to having a great coupon from The Container Store.  If you don’t know what Elfa is… check it out over at The Container Store (or just scroll down to the bottom of this post to see what it looks like installed!)

We found this video from house hunting to show you what the master closet looked like before AJ moved in.

After he moved in it looks almost exactly the same… just with a whole lot more stuff.  As I shared in yesterday’s post, they decided to demo all of the built in’s in order to prep for Elfa. So here’s where we left of yesterday, having installed the wood flooring for the closet; so now we were ready for the Elfa guy to come install.



The Container Store gives you two options: install yourself or pay them to do it for you.  My best friend swears it is a super easy installation, but our friends and family discount also applied to installation, so both AJ and I’s closets were installed by the pros.  Demolition is included if you have 2 or fewer rods and shelves on each wall.  But as you can see from the video above… AJs closet had a lot more than that, so he decided to do it himself rather than pay extra for them to do it.  I chose to let them do it for me, but I’ll tell you more about how that went tomorrow.  Moving on to the good stuff…

This is what his closet looks like with Elfa installed (in case some of you are worrying about the fact that his clothes only take up one wall… he’ll be sharing that with his new wife in the spring so it’ll all be filled up!)



It hardly even looks like the same closet with a new paint job, new flooring, and TONS of Elfa Storage.



The Elfa system has something for everything and bonus… you tell the designers what you want and they design it all for you! You can see in the picture above he has drawers, shoe racks and even a valet rod to hold your outfit for the next day (or more likely in his case the dry cleaning he hasn’t taken out of the plastic yet).  Check out the picture below to see the jewelry storage that they included in the plan for her side!



And I know so many of you have patiently holding your breath since yesterday to see the finished floor…


I love how the two colors look interspersed throughout the closet.



And just so you can see the full transformation…. This picture was taken from almost exactly the same spot. (I just wasn’t as good in the first pic at having the camera straight up and down. 🙂 )


Stay tuned tomorrow for my master closet saga (hint: it wasn’t exactly a smooth transition… but the results are AMAZING!)

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