Becky’s Guestroom

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I showed y’all a bunch of posts this spring from my brother’s wedding (if you missed them go here, herehere, and here).  Well they have been busy over at their house turning his house into their house.  Which by the way is a pretty tricky transition (or at least has been for the several couples I know who have done it!).  But they are doing an awesome job, and I’ll show you their new bathroom renovation once it is complete!

But on to the topic at hand.  The guest bedroom.  When AJ was ‘decorating’ (and I use that term loosely) the guest bedroom was perfectly functional but not very pretty.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it, but picture a bed on a metal frame, extra sheets and blankets and you’re pretty much there. When Becky moved in, she had her old bedroom set that they decided to use in the guest room. And it is beautiful!!!


Since my college rival’s color is purple, its never been a color I go to, but I love this beautiful gray with lavender!


The monogram in the picture below was on the mantle at their wedding, so it has even more significance.



This awesome wall decor  was made by the ever talented Judy (Becky’s mom) for her old bedroom.  and is made out of scrapbook paper, but it makes an awesome wall decoration (and can be perfectly customized to any room!!).  This would be an excellent dorm decor idea!



It is such a beautiful room and a lovely place for people to stay! (Which means now I have to share my parents with them when they come to stay!)


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Quick Laundry Room Re-do

So do you remember here where we upgraded AJ’s kitchen? Well it had a dirty little secret.  Its actually more of a clean dirty little secret: his laundry room.  The laundry room in in a small hallway between his kitchen and his dining room.  Both the kitchen and dining room have had major upgrades lately, but the laundry room was looking less than ideal:


With his soon to be wife about to move in after the wedding, something needed to be done to spruce up this area! So his fiancee and I decided to tackle this as an afternoon project! Back when they bought Elfa for their closet and garage they went ahead and purchased a little extra for the laundry room.  The way it was there wasn’t any space to hang clothes to dry which led to them being strewn around or hanging on the door frame.


And there was absolutely no organization for his cleaning supplies. Since we needed to pull down at least one cabinet to add hanging space, we decided to pull both down (since they no longer matched the ones in the kitchen) and put Elfa in its place. First step: clean everything out of there:


 I would have taken a few pictures of us taking the cabinets down, but the 3 people in the tiny little space pulling the molding off and then unscrewing the cabinets from the wall and pulling them down didn’t leave much space for picture taking.

After we got everything cleared out, we painted the laundry room a pretty light gray color and then they hung the Elfa shelves.  It made a dramatic change!


And has made it a much more usable space for laundry! Since it is in such a central location in their house, function is a top priority! Check out that difference:



I love this navy and white striped basket… I bought the same one for the back of my car to corral all my junk!



One of the things I love most about their space is that they used the insides of the doors to maximize the usable space (and make all those cleaners easily accessible!)




And because before and afters are so fun:



It is always amazing to me what a fresh coat of paint and some new shelving can do for a space.  By taking a cabinet away and adding the hanging space, this closet laundry room is so much more usable and bonus… the doors can be closed on the mess if there are clothes drying!


Elfa in the Garage

So for the last post of closet week I’m not posting about a closet.  (what?!) But it is still Elfa and it turned out so great I thought it would be fun to share on the blog! AJ decided that along with installing Elfa in his closet (if you missed the posts earlier this week check out the hardwood floors we installed and his closet) he also wanted to install it in his garage.  He has a two car garage that he hasn’t been able to park in for a while… so he decided that while they were getting Elfa he would take advantage of their garage system.  Here are a few pictures of how it looks now.



It has hanging racks for just about everything and even their own workbench.



And check this nifty hammer holder:


Happy Friday Y’all!! Have a great weekend!!