Bats and Mummies, Oh My!

I’m not a very naturally creative person… I can’t paint, draw or anything traditionally ‘artistic’ however, I am AWESOME at mimicking things.  If I see something, I can usually re-create it. I found these two pins on pinterest here and here and decided they would look pretty good combined! So I picked up a straw wreath form from Michael’s. In hindsight, I probably should have left the plastic wrapping on… this thing is MESSY.


I used a packages of 6 yards of cheesecloth and wrapped it around the wreath form (The cheesecloth comes folded into several layers and I left it folded for this part of the wreath so it would cover the straw color.


Once it was wrapped it completely I twisted the end and cut it off.


I wanted it to be a little rougher around the edges so I took the remaining cheesecloth and pulled it apart, wrapping it around the wreath very loosely and cutting the edges roughly.


Once I had it wrapped up the way I wanted it to be, I took it out to my patio and sprayed some scotch guard on it.  My front porch is covered, but since this would be hanging outside, I wanted it to have a little more protection.


Next up was adding the bats.  I don’t have the patience to cut out 15 bats for my front porch wreath, but I thought I could manage three.  I freehanded a bat on paper and then just traced the paper onto some black felt and cut it out.



Then it was simply a matter of spraying spray adhesive to the back of them and placing them on the wreath. I found some halloween (ish) ribbon to hang around it, and added it to my front door.


Not bad for less than an hour and $10 dollars!



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