Reception Events

I had such a blast at our reception.  I loved getting to see and talk to all the people in my life and Reese’s.  It was so fun to see everyone together and I felt like all night long I wanted to ‘jump into’ conversations I could see going on all around the room.  Everyone warned me that it would go by too fast  and they were right! There were people I wish I’d been able to talk to longer and friends who traveled a long way that I didn’t really get to catch up on their lives.  But that being said we had an EXCELLENT time.

One little hiccup in our planning was our DJ.  We had gone with a DJ company that was great to work with and assigned us a DJ who was very us, low key, but knew what kind of music we wanted to play.  We had worked out all the details for the reception (including first dances, etc) with her a week before and she was fantastic. The day before the wedding, her father died unexpectedly, so obviously she couldn’t DJ. The company called and told us they would send a very qualified replacement who had been doing this for 15 years.  So during our rehearsal dinner Reese and I snuck away for a few minutes to go over all of the details again. This guy was great, but didn’t fit our personality AT ALL.  When we met him in person right before the reception he said to Reese… are you ready?  We are going to ROCK OUT. Reese said… I don’t think you get us, we want it to be very low key… his response? Yeah man… we’re going to Rock! And then walks away.  He had a few things he did that were completely bizarre, like giving his own toast… receptiondj

But overall it was no big deal, and he provided something a little crazy and memorable for the night.

Right when we got in Reese and I did our first dance so that people could go ahead and get up and dance whenever they wanted to. Our first dance was to a song by Jimmy Needham called If I Ever Needed Grace, and is a song he wrote for his wife and talks about their journey through life together and how important it is to have grace through it all.

receptionfirstdance Then my dad and I danced to “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof.  My dad has always really loved this musical and regularly quotes Tevye’s “Tradition” song as an answer for why we do certain things in our family.  This is a perfect father daughter dance and I loved dancing with my father (who by the way is a terrific dancer!) For those of you who don’t know the song, it’s a father reflecting on his daughters as they go off and get married, the first lyrics are:  “Is this the little girl I carried? Is this the little boy at play? I don’t remember growing older, When did they?”  I love this picture of my dad and I:

receptionfatherofbride Reese and his mother danced to Rascal Flatt’s My Wish.  I love it as a first dance song too:

My wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold

receptionmotherofgrom Then we moved into cutting the cake, which I showed you how gorgeous it was on Friday. What I didn’t share was our ‘groom’s cake’.  One of Reese and I’s favorite things to do is to go get ice cream.  (healthy, right?) So when we found out that Paciugo Italian Gelato catered events for a not very outrageous price, we jumped on the chance, and it was a huge hit!

receptionicecream They bring it in coolers and we could choose 5 flavors for the number that we ordered  (shown above is chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chocolate chip, and mint chocolate chip… can you tell we like chocolate?… we also served strawberry sorbet and an amaretto).  Then for the rest of the night we danced the night away.  receptiondancing2 Our groomsmen and ushers were awesome and spent most of their night on the dance floor! And check out the picture below… easily one of my favorites from the day! Our musician and good friend Micah was getting my mom into the dancing game!

Later that evening my sorority sisters and I fulfilled one of our wedding traditions and sang “She’s a Theta” and like all good sorority songs… it has hand motions. I love that so many of my wonderful sorority sisters made the trek down to Dallas.  I loved getting to see all of them!  receptiontheta

Reese is a Texas A&M grad and the Aggies have their own wedding tradition.  The groom stands in the center of a half circle and they sing the A&M Fight song… also complete with hand (and body?) motions.  As a Jayhawk I clearly have a lot to learn.  Reese is trying to make a deal that our (future!) children grow up with as much Maroon and White as they do Crimson and Blue.  I’ve assured him they can only have Maroon and White during football season… basketball season is all mine!  receptionaandm

Then our crazy DJ (see above) had all the guests circle around us in a congo-esque line and then on his command run and give us a giant group hug… it was very strange and claustrophobic, but made for some excellent pictures.  receptioncircle And to sign off for the night we walked through a tunnel of our remaining guests and into our car so we could head of for Hawaii the next day!  receptionleaving

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All pictures courtesy of Lauren Guy Photography

The Reception Decor

I’m actually going to break the reception post into two parts- events and decor. Today is all about the decor. And I should just start out by saying: wedding planning, it’s just not my thing.  But I am a pretty decisive person, so when I settled on Navy for the bridesmaids dresses it was a pretty easy shift to Navy and White with the decor.

BUT there is a problem with Navy and white… white is pretty much your only flower choice.  (you could choose blue, but there are very few naturally blue flowers and they are usually not dark blue) And the flowers were REALLY important to me (I think good flowers can make or break a space). But solid white flowers seemed kind of boring to me, so I had this vision of adding in greenery with a lot of texture in it to make the white flowers a lot more organic and definitely more interesting.  I met with 3 different florists and talked about my vision for the centerpieces but when I met with GRO Designs they TOTALLY got my vision, so we almost immediately hired them.  And check out the amazing job they did! They also posted about our wedding on their blog here.


Each table was a little bit different.  We had twenty five tables and 10 had tall centerpieces (like the one above) and 10 had shorter centerpieces (like the pictures below).  One of the things I cared about was that people could have a conversation over the centerpiece, so I asked GRO to make them either short enough to be seen over or tall enough to be seen under. Mission Accomplished!  receptionflowers4

I love that each one was different but had elements of the same: wood, succulents, white flowers, textured greenery.  receptionflowers1

Gro also provided the lighting to ‘set the mood’ at the tables.  Even though our reception was early (5pm ish in the summer) and was well lit from the outside most of the time, I liked the candle lighting because it creates a certain atmosphere.   receptionflowers2

The navy table cloths came from our caterer as well as the cake (Sweet Memories if you are curious).  That cake was DELICIOUS.  Flowers and Wedding Cake rank pretty high up there on my importance scale for a wedding reception.  And I have to say, our vendors did fantastic jobs at both!! For the cake, Sweet Memories provided the cake, but GRO provided the flowers.  Check out the flower explosion that happened on my cake!


receptioncake receptioncake1 I LOVED how it turned out, I could not have been more pleased with the results!! Delicious cake AND its beautiful… Perfection.

Our guests names were arranged in wooden name card holders that GRO provided so they could find their appropriate table and just for fun I decorated a wooden chalkboard that normally hangs in my kitchen to tell people what our social media #hashtags were for the night.  I love this tradition that is starting, we only had a few participants, but I like being able to see everyone’s pictures from an event!

receptionwelcome1 And for our guestbook we had guests sign a book of our engagement pictures. (also done by Lauren Guy Photography).  It has been the perfect way to save their sentiments as well as having a cute book of our engagement photos to look through!  receptionwelcome That just about wraps up what we had as decor! I thought it all turned out beautifully! Stay tuned Monday for a wrap up of what we had goin’ on at the reception!


All photos on this post are courtesy of Lauren Guy Photography.

The Ceremony

These days I think that wedding receptions get far more attention than the ceremony itself.  But my new husband and I are both very active in our church and faith is really at the center of our relationship, so we really wanted the ceremony to take center stage on our ‘big day’.

My husband and I met because my twin brother who is a United Methodist preacher set us up.  Reese grew up in the church my brother had been appointed to serve.  It also happens that this church has a STUNNING traditional sanctuary that I swear was designed to look good for weddings.  So our ceremony venue was an easy choice.

There were a lot of easy choices about our ceremony: growing up as a Methodist preacher’s kid, I’d been to more than my fair share of weddings and knew that I wanted the traditional liturgy found in our hymnal.  Plus with two preachers in my immediate family I knew who would perform the ceremony.  I wanted both my twin brother and my dad to be a part of performing the ceremony.  My dad walked me down the aisle, and then during one of the songs he changed into his robe and stole and joined Arthur.   ceremony One of the harder decisions was aesthetic.  With such a glorious sanctuary, the flowers didn’t need to be very showy, but I wanted something that would complement the beauty of the sanctuary, but also not blend into the background.  Enter GRO Designs, my florist, and BY FAR my favorite vendor to work with.    Nathan, Krisi and Lauren were awesome to work with and check out their fabulous but simple design for the altar in the sanctuary:


You’ll get to see some of their masterpieces at the reception in my blog post tomorrow, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with their idea for our two sanctuary arrangements.

See the guy in that picture above? His name is Micah and he is a fantastic musician who plays at our contemporary worship service and someone who has become a good friend of my husband and I.  (ps he and his wife got married the weekend before we did!)  He played two songs at our wedding, both traditional hymns but played at a faster pace because slow songs make me want to scream.  We picked Be Thou My Vision and How Great Thou Art;  both of those songs remind me of my childhood growing up in smaller churches with very traditional worship services.   And we decided to have How Great Thou Art as a congregational hymn because I think there is something very powerful about having all the people in your life who love you joining in your ceremony.

I’m kind of jumping backwards in the ceremony, but one of the coolest feelings for me was walking down the aisle.  I thought I had my emotions pretty much in check, and was feeling very in control and then I realized that I knew all of these people (well, almost all). It was very overwhelming to think about the different phases of my life and the people who represented those all in this one place at this one time.  And there at the end of the aisle was my sweet groom waiting for me.  walking-the-aisle And since we are moving backward through the ceremony, here is a wonderful shot right before the wedding ceremony (and proof positive that you should pick an EXCELLENT wedding photographer).  Our photographer had me kiss my dad’s cheek right before we went in the doors.  It is such a sweet picture and an excellent reminder of how much I love my dad.   sanctuary

Our photographer was fantastic.  If you are in Dallas and need a photographer, I highly recommend Lauren Guy. The below picture of my bridesmaids and I is another excellent example of how great a photographer she is:   bridesmaids In case you are wondering the dresses are Alfred Sung in Midnight Dupioni, they turned out beautifully (and they have pockets!!)! I love the way navy and white look together!!

And one last picture from the ceremony part of the day and its one of my favorites.  This picture turned out beautifully of our three generations.  How beautiful are my mom and grandmother? I am so very lucky to have so many wonderful female influences in my life and if I turn out half as good as either of them, I’ll consider myself a success.  Plus between the two of them, they have had 90+ years of marriage!  three-generations


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