My 30 Before 30 List

A little over a month ago I turned 29, and while I’m not big on milestone birthdays, this feels like a good time to get a list of things I want to accomplish written out.  I’m not crazy enough to think I’ll actually get ALL of these accomplished before my birthday next year (for some reason life seems to always interfere with my best laid plans). But I’d like to have made significant progress towards all most of them! So here goes:

My 30 Before 30 list:

  • Run another half marathon (bonus points if I beat my previous time: 2 hrs 9 min 10 seconds)
  • Start a vegetable garden
  • Build my own built-in-closet (modeled after Sandra’s AWESOME closet)
  • Book a trip to Europe with my husband (and maybe a few friends)
  • Find a farmer’s market near my house to visit on a Saturday morning
  • Finish my t-shirt quilt (2+years in the making)
  • Learn to cook 5 new meals
  • Take my husband to visit my favorite city: Washington DC
  • Go see Lion King (kind of cheating… I already have tickets to this… but it’s a show I’ve always wanted to see!)
  • Pay off part of my company debt
  • Finish another sprint triathlon (again… bonus points if I beat my previous time)
  • Build a pergola in my back yard
  • Help my twin brother fix up his house (as payment for letting me use his pool whenever I want!)
  • Spend a Saturday without ever leaving the house… no projects, just laziness.
  • Take a weekend getaway to Beaver Creek.  (I bought a couple of free nights at a silent auction… now we just have to use them)
  • Go Skiing with the church youth group… as an ‘adult’ sponsor.
  • Get new Christmas Stockings for my husband and I for our first Christmas as a married couple.
  • Learn how to put crown molding up in my our house
  • Give 10% to charity or the church for 2013
  • Get my husband certified to Scuba Dive
  • Finish changing my name to my married last name… who knew there were so many things to change!?
  • Organize the whole house- no seriously… every cupboard, closet, under every bed.
  • Take a spa day with a friend
  • Host a dinner party
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Make a wedding book for each set of our parents and ourselves
  • Save enough money to install double ovens in our kitchen
  • Get to my ideal weight
  • Get better at using my SLR Camera (kinda hard to measure… but maybe I’ll know it when I get there?)
  • Throw a 30th Birthday Party for my twin brother and myself

There you go! I’ll keep you updated as the year (11 months now!!) progresses…


UPDATE! I am making progress… check out the updated list here and here!

And just for fun a picture of me (with my twin brother) at a much earlier birthday:


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