My Front Door Just got a Little Moodier

So this is one of those projects that I finished right before I had to go out of town and didn’t get around to posting… or really finishing.  But say la vie… I’m going to post about it anyway.  There will be more of these to come… get excited.

So my front ‘hallway’ looked a little like this:


Inspiring huh? I mean… really mixing white and cream is the new color scheme right?! Kidding… kind of.  Our front door opens into our dining room and I painted that room before I had met my husband to give you an idea of just how long this has been like that.  I decided at the time that I wouldn’t paint the door because I would come back soon and finish it off… and three years later… I painted the door!! (but have no fear friends… the door frame is still cream)


So even the painted door isn’t complete because it was 102 when I painted, and that is not conducive to painting outside… so I still need to paint the other side of the door.

But I love how dramatic and moody it looks! I think it makes the whole space look a little classier!

And it was a super easy project.  First I painted the recessed parts with a brush:


and then rolled on the rest with a small roller.

The first coat was SUPER thin.


And the second coat covered the rest really well.


I still need to paint the trim to match the rest of the room, paint the other side of the door and replace that doormat (which btw I inherited from the previous owners and don’t really like but haven’t found anything to replace it with).

The paint is an interior exterior paint from Benjamin Moore and I think the color is true black.  The guy at my local hardware store recommended replacing the white with black in the mix… to get a truer black, and I think he knows what he is talking about! This color is pretty true black!

Have you jumped on the black interior door bandwagon? I don’t usually like trends, but this felt like a total success of a project.  I might have to jump on a few more bandwagons because every time I come around that corner I think… MAN that looks so much better!! And that my friends is a successful project!


  1. Emily Webster says:

    Such a transformation! It looks dynamite!

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