Nursery Progress?

I feel like after my post last week about project ADD I have been able to get a few things done and some progress on others, one of which is really making some progress on the Nursery.  Although it isn’t super apparent if you look at the nursery, it has come a long way and my vision for it has definitely been cemented a bit!  (If you missed my original inspiration board, catch it here).  Last time I really showed you the nursery it looked like this, which looks absolutely NOTHING like my inspiration board:


Well, after having the painter’s come, buying new curtains (these from Pottery Barn in White with the blackout liner–scored with a gift card), a new rug (this guy from Dash and Albert) and moving the dresser I found in Waco last fall into the room, here’s where we are at now:


Two things kick started my motivation, first, my mom was at Nebraska Furniture Mart and they had a bunch of super cute coral accent pieces/lamps/decor, so she and I were texting back and forth and I was telling her which ones to buy for the nursery! They are still in Kansas (NFM hasn’t opened here in Texas yet), but I can’t wait to get them in the room to see!

The other thing that kickstarted my progress was reading a blog post from one of the bloggers I follow about where she buys fun fabric and she mentioned  Well… I’d never actually ventured into online fabric shopping, and my bank account would probably prefer I had never started!!  See here’s the thing… I learned from the best (ahem… my grandmother) that when you find great fabric or buy fabric for a project, you always buy an extra yard… or two.  You would always prefer to have extra rather than not enough! (and this is how I ended up with a whole closet of fabric!) And why my mother tagged me in this photo on facebook with a line about how the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree: (original image from FaveQuilts)

fabric picture

Well, 7 fabrics later, I had gotten free shipping and a plethora of coral fabrics to build the nursery around (and a few extras just for good measure)!! You can see one of them in the photo above.  I think that I’m going to try to make a valance box for the curtains out of it, here is a close up along with a couple of prints have found to hang on the wall.


The other super cute fabric that I found is this dandelion fabric:


I actually bought it in both white with coral and coral with white.  Mostly I thought I would frame the fabric or make pillows or something out of it, but when I got it I realized (under facetime consultation with my mom and grandmother) that the white with coral would be PERFECT for the chair cushions I need to make for the rocking chair.  The other coral with white fabrics competed too much with the coral of the valance fabric.

I also spent some time last weekend getting everything out of the nursery that doesn’t belong.  We used this as a staging room for a while after the room, so it had a lot of random items that needed to find homes.  So now that has happened, baby girl has a closet to fill:


Although thanks to some generous friends and family she already has a few hand-me-down baby items, a few super cute outfits, and an impressive board book library! The books will eventually move to a changing table/bookshelf that I’m going to build (from these plans at Ana-White).



So here’s what is left on the nursery to do list:

  • finish painting the crib (we’ve started one side, but need to flip over and finish the other)
  • make the box valance for the window
  • build and paint the changing table
  • sew cushions for the rocking chair
  • Frame and hang photos
  • figure out some organization for the closet
  • find a fun light fixture

It has come a long way, but has a long way to go… and only 3 months until this baby is due, we better get on it!


  1. Emily Webster says:

    Caroline has that dandelion fabric in her room! I love the progress you have made! Baby Girl is going to have an awesome room!

  2. I am loving it!! The dandelion fabric adds the perfect whimsical touch to her room. Keep us updated!!


  1. Nursery says:

    […] pleased with the quality and size.  It looks great in there! In Taylor’s nursery, I bought a hand me down dresser in Waco one weekend and repainted it when I wanted it white and not cream. Its a beautiful dresser, […]

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