Taylor’s Room

This is gonna be a quick post! I didn’t get to share Taylor’s room when I posted the rest of the upstairs house tour because she was napping while I was taking pictures.  But I love her room, so I thought I’d go ahead and just post her room by itself!

We haven’t painted her room, and sort of intend to paint it gray like it was in the previous house, but thanks to my wonderful mother, we got her alphabet wall and all her pictures hung pretty early! She seemed to recognize her room once all of her things were in there and slept through the night for the first time in a while once we had her stuff in there.  Isn’t it crazy how much their little brains understand??

Anyway, her room is mostly the same as it was in the old house, except that we left the fabric header behind.

Taylor's Room | www.amusingmj.com

Her room isn’t very big, but it fits all her furniture comfortably.  And I am aware that they recommend you not use bumpers these days, but Taylor rolls around on her own pretty well and we installed them because she kept getting her poor little legs stuck in between the bars.

Taylor's Room | www.amusingmj.com

I have a photo I took without Taylor and Reese in the photo, but I snapped this one before they left the room and I thought it was too cute not to share! I love how much Taylor loves my husband and how good of a dad he is… she is one lucky little girl!

Taylor's Room | www.amusingmj.com


  1. Emily Webster says:

    I love her room, too! And, I absolutely LOVE that letter wall! So special!

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