Well everyone, tomorrow is the day that baby girl arrives! And I promised you all a nursery update, so here it is… you can spend your time reading this while you anxiously await her arrival… no, just me (and of course my family!) anxiously awaiting her arrival? I’m sure I’ll post a pic to the Facebook page sometime in the next few days, but for probably the next week (at least) I’ll be MIA, recovering from the c-section and soaking up every minute with a precious newborn.  So in the meantime, enjoy the nursery!

We decided to go with a turquoise-y teal/navy theme for this room.  It mostly started when my mom found this super cute mini crib on clearance in a beautiful turquoise color. And from there, the rest of the room sort of evolved.

Hobby Lobby has a whole bunch of super cute artwork right now, so all three of these pictures above the crib were snagged from there, and a few of them even at 50% off!

We decided to go with the mini crib because Taylor is still sleeping well in her crib and shhhhh… she doesn’t know she is perfectly capable of climbing out. And with so many other changes in her life, we aren’t wanting to throw too many other life changes at her.  BUT, I think by the time new baby girl is too big for this crib, Taylor will have figured that out and will be in a big girl bed and we can move her crib into here.

We debated whether or not to buy a fancy glider or rocker for her room, but finally decided that the OLD la-z-boy recliner in our basement would match, is CRAZY comfortable and since I would be spending a lot of hours in the middle of the night hanging out nursing here, we decided to go with comfort over beauty.  And I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with my decision in 6 months when baby girl is still waking up for 2am feedings. I’m still looking for a small table to put next to it, and maybe a lamp, but I love the little picture I framed above it.  Its a menu from a tea room in St. Louis that my grandmother had saved, presumably because she thought the menu was so cute.  I loved that it fit the colors of baby girl’s room, and brings in that touch of her that I would have missed without it.  It still makes me sad that she won’t get to meet this baby girl, because she loved Taylor and getting to spend time with Taylor so much.

The blackout curtains were a Target find– I love the navy and white stripe and the pop of color it brings to that end of the room.  Especially since I know that they will almost never be opened like this… and I’ll have to live with closed off curtains most of the time, because lets face it, open windows are not conducive to infant sleep… and everybody loves a sleeping infant.

The dresser was what we call an ‘investment’ piece.  We decided to take the plunge and spend the money on a nicer dresser from Pottery Barn Kids. It is the Elliot Extra Wide in Charcoal if you were looking for something similar.  We are pleased with the quality and size.  It looks great in there! In Taylor’s nursery, I bought a hand me down dresser in Waco one weekend and repainted it when I wanted it white and not cream. Its a beautiful dresser, and I still LOVE the look of it, but some of the drawers are not very easy to open and close, and at least one of them is mostly beyond repair.  So we decided for this room we wanted one that at least had functioning drawers.

The mirror is an OLD Ikea mirror that we have had for YEEEEEARS- like maybe 12 or 13?  My mom had the brilliant idea to paint the face of it Navy to match the room and I LOVE the way it turned out! She just taped around the edges and spray painted it Navy. It looks perfect above the gray dresser and really ties in all the pieces in the room.

And that’s where baby girl will live for the foreseeable future! I’m sure as she gets older, the room will evolve a bit, but I love the way this turned out.  I love that it is very different than Taylor’s first room was, and that she will have a space that is very much her own! Although I am sure that their shared Jack and Jill bathroom will be the source of many shenanigans over the years, I love that they will be connected there as well!

Pray for us as this new phase of life begins!

Taylor’s One Year Update

Taylor is a year! Actually she is now 15 months old… but I am THAT FAR BEHIND.  But I am getting back into the blogging routine, and I wanted to finish out Taylor’s monthly-ish posts for her first year. one year old birthday pictures |

I took pictures for this post on July 4th in the afternoon and had every intention of writing this post the next day, but my grandmother (who I was extremely close to) passed away that evening, so that week was filled with her memory, family activities, and funeral preparation (I hope to post more about her next week).  But on with the one year update!

For Taylor’s first birthday (July 2) we celebrated at my family’s lakehouse where I spent the vast majority of my childhood summer vacations and it was so fun to be able to share that with Taylor. My grandmother, Nannan, was there, along with my parents, my older brother and my niece and Reese.  We made Taylor a chocolate sheet cake and even though she hadn’t had much sugar before and is an insanely picky eater, she LOVED her chocolate cake… I guess that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Taylor's first birthday party |

By her first birthday she had 8 teeth, was cruising around pretty good around furniture and crawling all over the place.  She says a few hard to discern words, but we are pretty sure they are hi, dog dog and dada.  Here is the sign I made for her birthday:

Birthday Chalkboard |

I love this little girl and her goofy smiles.  She is such a ham, she loves playing to an audience,  and smiles a lot!

one year old birthday pictures |

She is a super picky eater, but still loves sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, yogurt and PUFFS.  She has learned to blow kisses, which looks more like covering her mouth with a wide open hand, but she is so cute doing it and it makes her laugh!



Traveling with Baby- by Airplane

This is part 2 of a 3 part series (unfortunately stretched over a long period of time!) If you want part one, click here for the Roadtripping with an Infant post.

Because my husband was halfway across the country for several months this last year, I had the misfortune opportunity to fly with an infant multiple times by myself. Before she turned 8 months old, Taylor had logged 11 flights.  Her very first flight was when she was just over 3 months old and they spanned the next 5 months, so I feel like I got some good experience/knowledge about what to do to make it as easy as possible to travel with an infant by yourself on a plane.  Here is what I learned.

Booking your ticket:

What seat do you pick? I stressed a little bit about which seat… do you sit on the aisle so you can go change her diaper easily… or maybe the window so that you have some arm support and containment for toys being thrown/dropped?  Or the middle seat for… wait, never mind… everyone hates sitting in the middle seat.  Over those 11 flights I ended up sitting in each of them at least once, and it was sort of a toss up between the aisle or the window.  I liked sitting in the window seat the best, but of course one of the times when she had a super stinky diaper, the guy sitting on the aisle had fallen asleep and I had to try to wait until he woke up to go change her diaper.  Whoops! If you were doing a long flight, I’d recommend aisle, shorter flight, definitely window.

Adding the infant to the reservation: If you haven’t booked the infant their own seat (and let’s be honest… who has that kind of money!?), you will have to add the infant to your own reservation in order to go through security.  On American, that requires calling the reservation desk in advance to add the kiddo’s name and birthdate to your reservation.  And double check when you print your boarding pass that it says: ‘With Infant’ on there.

Pick a good flight time: I found it best to try to find a flight during her naptime and most of the time she slept the majority of the flight. Only one flight was delayed and she slept the whole time in the airport, but was awake the whole flight.  But you win some, you lose some!

Flying With an Infant |

Going through security: 

I always found it easiest to check the carseat unless I knew there was a seat next to me in advance. I bought this car seat cover to check the carseat without any damage to it. But checking it meant one less thing to carry around the airport with me.  I also elected to check my own bag so that I was just carrying Taylor and her diaper bag.

I carried Taylor in her Baby Bjorn through security and that left my hands mostly free to deal with my boarding pass/diaperbag/etc. Plus they send you through a regular metal detector instead of the full body scanner, and then wipe your hands with a cotton swab like thing and run it through a scanner and having her in a carrier leaves your hands free for that test.

Her bottles didn’t have to be under 3 ounces, but if they were larger than 3 ounces they ran it through a separate test and in a busy airport (like Washington Reagan) that takes a little more time than usual, so leave a little extra time.  Flying With an Infant |

On the Flight: 

People are WAY more patient than you expect.  I had read horror stories about people who In all those flights I never had anyone make comments, roll their eyes or give us the stink eye.  In fact more often than not, people offered to help with my bag, pick up dropped items, or try to entertain Taylor.  DON’T BE AFRAID TO ACCEPT HELP.  That? Not one of my strong suits.  I’m an “I can do it myself” kind of girl, so letting others help isn’t easy for me to do, but I wouldn’t have survived otherwise!  But even when she was fussy/crying/inconsolable I discovered that as long as I was trying to appease her, and make her not as fussy, people didn’t seem to mind and they were, more often than not, sympathetic.

Speaking of being inconsolable… here are a few things that I found helpful when she got fussy on the flights:

  1. Have food ready (and more than you think is necessary!)–if you read this post, you know I have been breastfeeding Taylor, but I was a little weary about how exactly that would work on a plane, so for the first few flights I packed a couple of smaller bottles to feed her on the plane when she got hungry.  That worked well, but I also got over that fear after the few flights and managed to breastfeed her on the flight (with a cover) and found that it was easier than expected… especially if you are sitting in window seat and can use the side of the plane to block view.  But once the baby can have real food, bring plenty of crackers, puffs or anything your kiddo loves.  And if you can, pack a few pouches of food (I put mine in my plastic baggie in place of toiletries).
  2. PLENTY of toys. I packed several toys that were sure fire favorites and with minimal sound.  When she got tired of one, I’d shove it back into her bag and bring another one out.
  3. Pacifiers, pacifiers, and more pacifiers.  I had one that I clipped to her shirt (which was awesome) so that she couldn’t spit it out and onto the ground.  But it was always nice to have a few backups.

As far as changing her diaper on the plane, all but the smallest planes we took had a fold down changing table above the toilet that was surprisingly easy to use. I did take a few disposable changing pads to keep her just a little more sanitary during the process.

Overall, patience and a knowledge that things are not going to be perfectly will help you more than anything on a flying day, but trust that other people are TYPICALLY helpful.

Anyone else have tips for flying with a baby?
Flying With an Infant |