Downstairs Bathroom

So I left you guys hanging on our guest bathroom downstairs.  I think the last time you saw it, it looked something like this:


Man if that isn’t just the most appealing picture ever!! If you missed how we got to this point check out this post. And that post was a little over a month ago… oops! I promise it didn’t take us that long to get the bathroom put back together, just that long to get it finished, photographed and posted about! My husband was a trooper on this project since so much of it was things I can’t do right now (like prime walls with KILZ… not a good idea for a preggo).

So I left you off with having removed the wallpaper, had a plumber tear out the ridiculous plumbing and deciding to re-texture the walls.  The next step was to procure a vanity.  This was supposed to be a quick and cheap renovation, so we didn’t want to spend a fortune on a vanity.  Plus this is a really really small space, so we needed to pick something small.  I went to Home Depot on my lunch break to just browse what they had in stock.  Well… they were selling one of their less expensive models for even less, and I liked the sink style and the dark brown finish, so I texted the husband and told him I was just going to get it.  It was on sale for $159.00.  So I get a nice man at HD to help me load it up onto my cart, take it up front and the guy checking out scans it and it rings up as $80.00.  And being the responsible person/rule follower that I am… I said… Is that really $80? The guy looks at it, looks at his computer and says yes.  So I quickly paid and rushed right on out of that store with my cheap $80 vanity.  I felt a little like I was stealing!

But we were going to have guests in town the next week and needed them to be able to use this bathroom space.  So even though I was out of town that week, the husband painted the whole room (we still have a tiny bit of touchup to do in a few places) and installed the vanity all while I was gone!

Here’s what she looks like now! (forgive the weird lighting… this is a completely interior bathroom and therefore VERY hard to photograph!)

Hale Navy Guest Bathroom |

I’d like to get some shelves to hang where that picture is and move the picture to another wall, and we have a bit of paint touch up to do, but I love how dramatic the blue and gold are! I think it actually makes the shower look intentional instead of dated!

Hale Navy Guest Bathroom |


The wallcolor is leftover Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy from when we painted the office in the last house. I eventually need a different rug in here, but for now, she is a long way from where she started!



  1. Emily Webster says:

    Wow! The Popst Family does great work!
    It looks awesome! I love the color!

  2. Squirrel Lovelady says:

    I love it that a bathroom remodel is just a quick weekend project to you!!!!

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