Fall Flowers

We did a little fall planting this past weekend! My side patio has largely sat unchanged since I took this depressing picture and posted about my flower killing summer:


Flower killer extraordinaire! Well it finally progressed into fall planting time, so I decided to spruce up some of those dead planters. This is such a quick and easy change, I don’t know why I put it off so long.  I had about an hour and a half of free time, so I headed over to pick up some flowers, came home and within the hour here’s what the patio looked like:


The flowers on the bottom shelf I kept as they were because one of them are mums which should grow back a bit, and I can’t bear to unplant flowering pots no matter how pathetic they look, so I left the geraniums.  On the shelf above the top shelf are pansies, second shelf is ornamental cabbage and more pansies, and then the bottom shelf is a dying geranium and yellow mums.  The rack hanging on the fence has some pretty pink and white flowers that I have already forgotten the names of… oops!


This rack has more cabbage, pansies, and the middle rack has a pretty ornamental purple pepper.

And just because I love flowers, here’s a few more closeups:


These are the flowers I can’t name… Anyone out there who knows what they are?



I’m so happy to have some fall color outside my window!

I had a few plants that I bought and didn’t know where I would put them, but I found a corner of my front flower beds that was looking a little bare, so I planted 2 dusty millers (the whiteish ones) and a purple mum, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes for the front of my house!


And I put a few by the front door to welcome my Halloween guests! (the one on the left is a croton and the one on the right


I bought that web at Pier 1 a few years ago and normally I hang it at the front of the alcove, but the husband nicely offered to hang it this year and put it immediately in front of the door.  I think it looks fine there, but it scares me to death (not literally) every time I walk out the door and think something is falling down on me.

And just for one more Halloween sneak peak… I freehanded a chalkboard drawing I found on Pinterest onto the chalkboard that hangs in my hallway (leading into the kitchen):


I’m almost ready for my Halloween party and things are starting to look pretty spooktacular!





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