Happy Teal Flower Towers

The sun is shining, the weather is turning beautiful and giving us hope that spring may eventually, actually be sprung.  I am not a cold weather fan (umm… duh, I live in Texas) and this winter has drug on and on and on.  Is anyone else ready for winter to finally be gone and to welcome springtime, flowers, warm weather?!?  I am for sure.

Which probably explains why I did something a bit out of character.  I’m not usually one for bold color or lots of patterns, but spray painting my flower shelves that sit outside my kitchen table had me picking a table I would never otherwise have chosen.  Turquoise.  Or technically “Lagoon”.  I’ve you’ve been around the blog a while you may remember that I didn’t have much luck with my flower containers last year (I blame the intense heat):


But these pictures do give a pretty good glimpse of what the flower towers looked like before.  And just so you can see what they looked like with living flowers in them:



Well I got in the mood to spray paint something the other day, and while its not quite time to plant my spring containers, I did decide to do a little “garden prep”, aka I spray painted these puppies with Rustoleums Lagoon color in Satin.  But it being dark outside so early I was racing against the clock, so I didn’t get any ‘in progress shots’ sorry… bad blogger.



PS… if you have to spray paint anything, invest the 5$ for one of the handle things.  It makes it WAAAAAAY easier to get nice even coats and your hand won’t look like The Claw afterwards.  (Friends reference anyone?)

I love these flower shelves, they came from my grandmother’s basement and were the perfect addition to this side patio, but since they were a few years old, their brown color was looking a little tired and worse for the wear, so they had been on my list of things to paint for a while! I think one of the reasons I love these so much is that they reminds me of the wardrobe character in Beauty and the Beast


 See what I mean:


Anyway, check out how well the color pops against my red fence:


Now they are ready for it to warm up just a little bit more and be covered in beautiful flowers!

Stay tuned next week… I’m hosting a shower for my brother and his fiancee and I have some super cute decor coming your way!

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