Little Boy’s Blue Room

I shared Kaley’s precious yellow and gray nursery yesterday and while I was there I thought I would snap a few pictures of big brother Cooper’s room.  While I take 0 credit for Kaley’s room, I get to take about 1% credit of Cooper’s since I helped KT paint the stripes in here when Amy was pregnant (apparently paint fumes and pregnancy are not such a good mix).  We used a laser level to help with the stripes in this room, and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  I love the way his nursery turned out!

It is transitioning a bit from a true nursery into a toddler room, so over the past year things have moved around a bit, but the stripes and the basic furniture in the room have stayed the same since he was a baby.  Ready to see it?


They’ve had a jungle animal theme going on in this room and you can see he has an awesome giraffe watching over him while he sleeps.

They are big Disney fans, so of course Mickey get’s the best seat in the room… Cooper’s super cute Pottery Barn Kids chair.


And in case you were worried that little sister was the only one with a GINORMOUS teddy bear… Coop has his very own.


The room is filled with fun sentimental things and inspiration for him to grow up happy and healthy as well, just like Kaley’s!


And don’t worry, Aunt Bethy put her incredible talents to use in here too.  She painted this for his room based off of the invitation to Amy’s baby shower for Coop.  How incredible is this?


And Coop wanted to show off all his fun stuffed animals… so I can’t leave this post without a shot of the superstar of this room!!


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