Yellow and Gray Nursery

This is one of those awesome projects that I take absolutely 0 credit for, except for my excellent choice in friends.  My BFF and I have been inseparable since the first day of high school (where I bounded up to her with entirely too much enthusiasm and just wouldn’t take no for an answer on being friends).  But we’ve been through a lot together and I imagine we still will since hopefully we have a lot of life left to live together!

She just had her first daughter and they did the nursery up right!! I just had to show you guys! Amy’s not a super girly girl, so pink and/or purple isn’t really her style, but they nailed this Yellow and Gray themed nursery.  I went over last week to snap a few pictures and I had the best tour guide (Cooper, the very proud older brother).  But enough chatting… let me show you the pictures!


KT (the dad) painted these chevron stripes himself.  How amazing is that accent wall?? There is an area with a high recessed ceiling where they chose to hang a crystal chandelier and I think it adds the perfect amount of girliness!


How do you like that dresser?  It is an IKEA hack, they spray adhesive-d  (yes I know that’s not a word, but its true) some yellow burlap onto the front of the dresser and framed it out with molding.  Perfection!

The room is filled with personalized touches and inspirational sayings.  I love this cute tree decal with the bookshelves. And both big brother and little sister have coordinating giant bears.  Its so cute how much Cooper loves his bear and I am sure Kaley will as well!


A closer look at some of the details, this is one of my favorite kid songs… and in case you can’t read the Cinderella artwork it says: ‘Love like there is no midnight’.


Miss Kaley will most definitely be surrounded by love and encouragement and I think this room is the perfect embodiment of that!! 


Her changing table is just a shorter version of the same IKEA dresser that they covered with burlap.  And her Aunt Beth who is CRAZY talented painted all the canvases in the room.  (She’s also the one who made the awesome cookie favors at my brother’s wedding shower)


Did you want a sneak peak of my awesome tour guide? He’s precious… and I’ll show you a quick peek at his room tomorrow (PS… its awesome too!)


And there you have it… a fabulous Gray and Yellow nursery!!


Big thanks to Amy and KT for letting me share Kaley’s nursery here on the blog!

Update: I shared Cooper’s awesome room here.


  1. Emily Webster says:

    So beautiful! Such an amazing nursery for a wonderful baby girl.

  2. Judy Britt says:

    That is one AMAZING nursery. So unique! Remember those ideas for a niece or nephew!!! LOL

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