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I’m one of those people (and according to the blog-o-sphere, I’m not the only one…) that always has a project going… or two or ten.  I’m sure it drives my husband CRAZY, since that is not his normal M.O.  But one of the most rewarding things for me is to get to the end of a weekend and have accomplished a TON of projects.  This was one of those weekends!! (And major shoutout to my husband for helping me ALL WEEKEND LONG). I’ll be sharing a lot of those projects over the next week, but I just couldn’t resist giving you a glimpse inside my brain with this project.

My husband is a youth pastor and since they have a Sunday night youth program, he is usually gone for 3 or 4 hours on a Sunday night.  So this weekend, after working on projects all weekend the logical thing to do would have been to sit on the couch, rest my incredibly sore back and fold laundry.  But that doesn’t sound like me.

Instead the dresser I bought for Baby Girl’s Nursery was taunting me from her room.  You see one of our projects this weekend was to assemble the bookshelf/changing table I bought off of Amazon.  Another was to install the light fixture (also Amazon… I might have an addiction).  And the last major project we did this weekend was that the husband spray painted the crib.  Which means that the bulk of the pieces for baby girl’s nursery were falling into place.

When I bought this dresser I knew I wanted to go with a white and gray theme for the nursery and this dresser was definitely a distressed off-white.  But I loved the shape of the dresser and thought… I’ll just make it work.  So we bought paint for the crib that sort of coordinated with it, but (long story for another day) that didn’t really work out, so we settled on just white spray paint.  After all, everything else in the nursery is white white.  But painting this guy seemed like a lot of work, so I convinced myself to live with it.

But like I said… the taunting. And here I was at home by myself, about to relax and be productive when I gave in to the taunting.  After all… I had ALL of the supplies without leaving the house. and maybe I could get it done before the husband got home, so it wouldn’t even bother him that I had added ANOTHER project to our list.

So I did. I laid down paper, because no way my preggo self was moving this beast anywhere. Grabbed my paint brush, a roller, Floetrol, and the leftover paint from the kitchen island (Behr’s Marquee in  Quiet on the Set), opened the window and got to work.

Here she is in all her off-white distressed glory.  (don’t get me wrong, I loved the distressed look, it just wasn’t what I wanted for this room)


And after a quick coat of paint:  (and you get to see the light fixture we bought, this guy)


This really was a quick project.  It took me about an hour and a half to paint all the visible parts (yes if I ever move it I may have to paint the back or something, but for the next few years, she is staying RIGHT HERE).  I put the top drawers back in and then gave them a quick coat of paint as well, but I’m going to hold off showing you the finished product until I can get the handles back on… but I promise more juicy nursery updates in the next few days!


The big pieces in the nursery are SO CLOSE to being completed, now we just have to fill it up with all the fun things she needs!!

And the good news is, this project went so smoothly I had time to finish it, clean up, AND make zucchini bread so the husband would forget I just keep adding projects 🙂



  1. Emily Webster says:

    I can’t wait to see the nursery! I bet it looks amazing!

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