Storage Container Organization

Want to know what has been one of the most aggravation inducing spaces in my house?

The ever dreaded tupperware cabinet (note… I don’t actually own any tupperware, but like Kleenex and Q-Tip… I can’t seem to call it anything else). Here it is on a good day:


This cabinet has been driving me bananas for almost a year now, and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find a matching storage container and lid.  So for Christmas I asked for these pull out drawers from The Container Store. They are a bit pricey but I knew they would be the perfect thing for this space.  And I had the best of intentions of installing them RIGHT AWAY and taking advantage of how awesome they would be… but here we are in mid February and I’m just getting around to getting them installed! (Which should give you some small explanation of WHY ON EARTH I haven’t been posting quite as regularly in 2014!)

So bright and early Sunday morning I decided it could wait no more! This was happening BEFORE I left for church at 10:15. (I get a lot done on Sunday mornings while my husband is working… check out the storage closet I redid much to his surprise!)  So first things first, I took everything out:


And then followed the super simple instructions on the install:

Center them and use their alignment guide to figure out how far back they go:


Then drill pilot holes (using a 1/8ths drill bit)

tupperware1 Then screw in your base:


Attach the drawers with the screws provided and easy peasy you are ready to load all your crap back into them!


I purged quite a bit of the things that didn’t belong… messy cabinets tend to attract things that don’t belong in my house.  I guess my head figures if it is already a mess, why not make it worse! And seriously… I had 6 13×9 glass pans. I may have a brownie addiction issue.  I’m fairly certain some of them belong to my mother and they just managed to find a semi-permanent home in my cabinets, but I’ve taken them down to a reasonable number (2). And found a more appropriate home for my toaster.


I bought 20″ rolling drawers which was the largest size I could accommodate, but that leaves a few inches of space on each side of the drawer.  That empty space however is PERFECT for storing the extra lids. I tested it out quite a few times and they don’t get jammed at the back or under the drawer, but i’ll keep you updated if that becomes a problem.

For now I am LOVING being able to see everything in the cabinet and not having to unload everything to find a matching lid!  I am eradicating the clutter from my house one cabinet at a time!!

If you are new here, one of my 30 before 30 goals is to organize everything in my house… not an easy feat for someone as messy as I am!

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