DIY Headband Station

This last weekend I flew out to Little Rock for a baby shower for one of my best friends, Lauren. You can see her here as a bridesmaid in my wedding!  She and her husband are expecting a little girl, Kate, in January.  (PS… that is going to be the most GORGEOUS child because both she and her husband are ridiculously good looking).  We’ve been friends since college and lived together for our senior year of college.  (Sidenote… she explained to her husband just how amazing my master closet is compared to how my closet was in college… they may or may not have had to shove all my crap in and close the door on multiple occasions just to keep the room presentable).


Anyway,  I was so so happy to get to go spend the day with her to celebrate her and her about to be new baby girl.  And I can’t take ANY credit for the shower at all, I was just a guest, but I just couldn’t help but show you guys one of the ‘activities’ the hosts had prepared for us.  This was an awesome shower full of cute decor, great food and while I absolutely love baby showers, I am not a big fan of cheesy shower games.  Fortunately, these awesome hostesses had none of the cheesiness and all of the awesomeness. For the activity, they had a headband making station set up for all the guests to “create their own masterpiece” for baby Kate.


The hosts had purchased some elastic on the internet and cut it into pieces which they hung on a string (bad blogger… I forgot to take a picture of that!  and all my pictures are iPhone pics since I wasn’t planning to blog about the shower!!).  Then on the table they had an assortment of felt, ribbon, flowers, beads, etc and a hot glue gun to apply them.  There were directions on the table that had appropriate lengths for different ages:


I picked out a cute navy and white chevron pattern and decided to make a cute little Jayhawk headband for precious Kate.  I made a few felt flowers like I did for this wreath in red and blue.


And what project is complete without a bit of cake??


Here is the final product:


And don’t worry… like any good basketball fan I made it so that it would fit baby Kate right around March Madness! When we finished them up, the hosts had a cute little dress stand to hang them on:




The proud dad to be was checking out all the fun things he’ll have to dress Kate up in.



Sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures, but check out all the beautiful headbands that the guests made:



The great thing about this project is that you don’t have to be super crafty to make cute ones! With all the options and pre-made flowers etc, anyone who can use a hot glue gun can make a cute headband!

I don’t know where the host purchased her elastic, but a quick Google search for elastic by the yard and I found this website to buy some from online.

I thought this was a great idea for a shower that I will probably unashamedly steal for another baby shower sometime!!




  1. Pam Tkaczuk says:

    You’re adorable !! (& talented)
    thanks for posting!!

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